String Pedagogy Concentration

The string pedagogy concentration is for students who do not want to major or minor in music, but would still like to study how to inspire students to love music while impacting their lives for God.

String concentrations take approximately 14 credits of courses. In addition to taking standard music courses such as Harmony 1, Basic Music Literature and Aural Skills, pedagogy concentrations also take String Pedagogy and String Literature courses.

For more information, please be sure to also check out the catalog, the prospective musicians section, the music handbook, and the performing groups.

Course Requirements

String Freshman Fieldwork0.25
Basic Music Literature3
String Pedagogy & Literature 13
Aural Skills Foundations2
Harmony 12
String Sophomore Fieldwork0.25
String Pedagogy & Literature 23
String Proficiency Lessons (4 semesters)4
Repertoire (4 semesters)0

String Pedagogy Options at Maranatha

  • Music Major: String Pedagogy Track
  • Music Education Major General Certification : String Pedagogy
  • Music Minor: String Pedagogy
  • Music Concentration: String Pedagogy

Faculty Contact

Elizabeth Pabon

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