Angela Morris

Mrs. Angela MorrisMS, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

BS, Maranatha

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From an early age, the Lord placed a desire to teach in Angela Morris’s heart. “My mother tells me that as a young girl I used to set up all my stuffed animals and teach them how to read with phonics!” she says. In high school, she kept every folder from every class in case she might someday be called on to teach that subject. “Some of those are still tucked away in the attic, though I don’t think I’ll ever teach high school biology,” she says.

During high school, she knew she wanted to major in education, so she began really watching her teachers at her Christian high school. “I observed not merely their ability to communicate to us in the classroom, but how they operated outside of the classroom and, more importantly, how they ministered in my local church,” she says. “Without exception, my teachers from Maranatha were the best teachers I had. They were skilled teachers and served selflessly as youth pastors, choir members, Sunday school teachers, and nursery workers at my church. I knew that if Maranatha produced that high-quality teacher, I needed to attend Maranatha for my training.” She came to Maranatha without ever visiting, calling, or even opening up a catalog! “Though I wouldn’t recommend my process to all future students, I knew God was leading me here,” she says. The day she sent in her application, she stood at the mailbox and prayed, “Lord, if you want me at Maranatha, let me be accepted. If you don’t want me there, please let this letter be lost.” She received her acceptance letter two weeks later.

God in His infinite wisdom had a mate for her at Maranatha. After graduation, Mrs. Morris married Dwayne, who taught at Maranatha. She began teaching in the Academy. After a few years, Maranatha asked her to teach in the College. “Though I always thought I’d never enjoy living in a small town, I absolutely love Watertown as a place to rear my children and minister for the Lord,” she says.

What Mrs. Morris loves about teaching at Maranatha

Mrs. Morris considers Maranatha a tremendous place to serve the Lord. “The school places a high priority on family first,” she says. For several years when her children were young, she chose to teach only part time. “The school was very supportive of this decision and worked my teaching schedule around the needs of my family.” Also, the ministry opportunities are limitless, she says. “Some of my favorite times are when students stop by my office to talk to me, not merely about English, but also about their burdens about friends, or home, or their own struggles,” she explains. “What a humbling recognition to realize that I can play a small part in the lives of our students. Not only do I have the opportunity to serve through teaching, but I also can serve in my local church.”


Mrs. Morris is married to Dwayne, an assistant pastor at Calvary Baptist Church of Watertown and adjunct professor at Maranatha. They have three children, Alysha, Judson, and Victoria. In her spare time, Mrs. Morris enjoys scrapbooking, gardening, fishing, spending time with family, and doing home renovation projects.


Mrs. Morris serves at Calvary Baptist Church with her husband Dwayne and three children. Currently, she works in the youth ministry and sings in the choir. She also works with the ESL ministry.