Bible and Church Ministries Faculty

Meet the Dean

Brian Trainer, Dean of the College of Bible and Church Ministries, loves being in ministry. With more than 25 years of experience as a pastor, church planter, college professor, and frequent traveler in the United States and overseas, he is passionate about encouraging young people to give themselves completely to Christ and make God-honoring choices in the crucial years of young adulthood. He summarizes his goal for the college: “To be involved in Christian ministry is an utmost privilege, a solemn responsibility, a divine stewardship, and an extreme joy. Our desire is to train individuals who understand and appreciate the opportunity of being vocationally involved in handling the Word of God.”

Faculty spotlight

Dr. David Saxon

If you wish to enroll in one of Dr. Saxon’s classes, sign up early! Maranatha students love his candor, wit, and depth. Dr. Saxon has led many workshops and seminars outside of the classroom and has published several articles on topics related to Baptist history. “Maranatha is a greenhouse for cultivating spiritual leaders and then sending them out to prosper in other environments,” Dr. Saxon said. “As a teacher in this context, I find my own spiritual life nurtured daily.”

Dr. Bruce Meyer

Dr. Bruce Meyer teaches in both Maranatha Baptist University and Maranatha Baptist Seminary. His previous ministries included time as a pastor, teacher, and school administrator. Dr. Meyer specializes in biblical counseling. He is a featured speaker on counseling-related topics at many area churches, conferences, and retreats. Dr. Meyer’s favorite speaking topics include Biblical/theological studies, counseling (including addictions), parent/teen relationships, marriage enrichment, ministry in times of crisis, overcoming stress, and sexual purity. He is also the author and presenter of the Upstream Seminar, which encourages purity in men.