Courtney Winslow

Courtney WinslowAbout Mrs. Winslow

Courtney Winslow teaches Drugs & Solutions, Mental Heath nursing classroom and clinical, Pediatric nursing classroom and clinical, Maternity clinical, Medical-Surgical Nursing 2 clinical, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing clinical, and Senior Practicum clinical.


“I love to come up with new and creative ideas to get things done. I really enjoy taking things to that next level through creativity. I recently finished my master’s degree in Nursing Education through Walden University and look forward to starting my doctorate in the near future.”

Why she enjoys teaching at Maranatha

“I am very excited to be a part of training nurses who are not only good at performing skills, but who also show the love of God through each action they perform.”


Mrs. Winslow attends First Baptist Church in Hartford, Wisconsin.