Dr. Dave Saxon

Dr. David SaxonPhD, Church History, Bob Jones University
MA, Church History, Bob Jones University
BS, Mathematics, Bob Jones University

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About Dr. Saxon

Dr. Saxon has taught at Maranatha since 1999.


Dr. Saxon and his wife, Jamie, have four children: Lance, born August 3, 1988; Shane, born June 18, 1992; Clint, born May 27, 1994; and Bethany, born March 16, 1998. Dr. Saxon enjoys music, sports of all kinds, and reading.

Why Dr. Saxon loves teaching at Maranatha

1) The Lord has made it clear to me that this is exactly where He wants us. There is great joy and comfort in serving with confidence that you are in the center of His will.

2) Many of the students the Lord brings each year to Maranatha come from wonderful homes and churches and bring a sweet, godly spirit that challenges and encourages me in my own walk with the Lord. Interacting with the students is the best part of college teaching.

3) The administration and my fellow faculty are a collection of wise, godly leaders who continually challenge me to grow in my walk with the Lord. Maranatha is a greenhouse for cultivating spiritual leaders and then sending them out to prosper in other environments. As a teacher in this context, I find my own spiritual life nurtured daily.

4) I believe the Lord has been pleased to use me to some degree in impacting students and colleagues for Christ. To the extent that He has done so, I pray that all will be ‘to the praise of His glory.'”

Dr. Saxon’s published writing

“Francis Wayland and the Ideal of Autonomous Baptist Churches,” Frontline, May 2009
Articles for Ministry Memos and Sunesis, a semiannual publication of the Bible faculty of Maranatha
Book reviews for Biblical Viewpoint, previously a semiannual publication of the Bible faculty of Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC
Dissertation: “Fundamentalist Bibliology 1870-1900: An Analysis of the Early Fundamentalist Views of Inspiration, Bible Translations, and Bible Criticism from the Writings of James H. Brookes, A. J. Gordon, and A. T. Pierson,” Bob Jones University, 1998

Dr. Saxon’s Workshops and Seminar Addresses

“Divergent Trajectories:  Tracing the Paths of a Fundamentalist and a Baptist Apostate,” Conference for the Church on God’s Glory, First Baptist Church, Rockford, IL, May 2009
“Responding to a New Translation of the Bible: Lessons from the Niagara Fundamentalists (1875-1900).”  Mid-America Conference on Preaching, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, October 2008
“The Downgrade in North America: The Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy 1873-1930,” T. T. Shields Memorial Conference, Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada, March 2005
“The Scofield Reference Bible and Fundamentalism,” MBBC Conference on Baptist Fundamentalism, March 2004
“A. T. Pierson and the Effect of the Keswick Conference on Early Fundamentalism,” MBBC Conference on Baptist Fundamentalism, March 2003
“‘Precious Fellowship in the Truth’: The Niagara Bible Conference and Early Fundamentalists,” MBBC Conference on Baptist Fundamentalism, March 2002
“Ministering to Families in the Local Church,” MBBC Church Ministries Conference, April 2001


Dr. Saxon is a deacon, adult Sunday School teacher, Sunday School superintendent, and choir director at New Testament Baptist Church in Columbus, Wisconsin.