Elementary Teacher Education

Equipping future leaders

Where can you instill young minds with a love for learning, for life, and for truth? In the classroom, you not only teach the "three Rs'," but also have the opportunity to model integrity, practice fairness, recognize each child’s strengths, and reward good effort.

Consider the profound influence you can have on the life of a child as a Christian teacher who is committed to excellence. Whether your classroom is in a Christian school, a public school, at home, or on a mission field, Maranatha will equip you to fulfill your calling as an effective teacher.

“I love helping my students acquire the tools they will need to be successful in the classroom.” – Dr. Christine Lincoln, Faculty

Education in real life

Eddie Washetas (’07) chose to go into elementary education because he sees the present as a vital time to have a positive influence on students. An analogy that stuck with him for years is that children are like wet concrete: the longer they are left to develop, the harder they will be to shape. His advice for someone who hopes to have an effective ministry while teaching in a public school? “Be genuine. One thing I have learned working in the public school setting is that the stress of the job shows who you really are. Kids, parents, and, most importantly, your co-workers are watching. If you call yourself a Christian, you had better be ready to live it.”

Our faculty knows education

“I love helping my students acquire the tools they will need to be successful in the classroom,” Dr. Christine Lincoln said. “My desire is to train quality Christian teachers.”

Dr. Lincoln brings both academic and practical skills to her classes. She taught in an elementary school for 20 years, but also earned a master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

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Teacher licensure program

Teacher education students at Maranatha can choose to follow a licensure program that will allow them to teach in the public school setting. The license program requires two teaching placements and a full semester of student teaching.

Once students have completed the program, they will be eligible to apply for a teaching license through the Department of Public Instruction.

Click here for more information on teacher licensing.

Your potential career

  • Preschool teacher
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Early childhood program director
  • Educational consultant
  • Curriculum developer
  • After-school program worker
  • Mission field teacher

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Introduction to Sociology3Foundations of Education2
Math for the Elementary Teacher 13Math for the Elementary Teacher 23
Course in Minor field3New Testament Survey3
Old Testament Survey3English Composition 23
English Composition 13Modern World3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2General Psychology3
Fall Spring 
Sophomore Fieldwork0Upper Level Status0
Sec. & Middle School Teaching Methods2The Exceptional Child3
Human Relations3Instructional Media & Technology3
Curriculum & Methods in Art1Biology, Ecology, and Environmental
Curriculum & Methods in Music1Science for the Elementary Teacher4
Children's Literature3Course in Minor field3
Course in Minor field4Christian Life and Leadership3
Baptist Heritage3Music Elective2
Fall Spring 
Junior Practicum0C&M in Physical Education and Health2
Developmental Psychology3Diagnosis & Treatment of Reading
Curriculum & Methods in Social Studies3Disabilities3
Curriculum & Methods in Reading3Curriculum & Methods in Mathematics3
United States History 13Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology for the
Course in Minor field3Elementary Teacher4
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Course in Minor field3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Fall Spring 
Education Seminar0Supervised Student Teaching-License12
Pre-ST Portfolio Review0Post-ST Portfolio Review0
Educational Psychology3
Educational Assessment2
Teaching Language Arts3
Classroom Management2
Chemistry and Physics for the Elem. Teach.4
Bible Elective3
Geography Course3
Course in Minor field3
Course in Minor field3
Literature Elective3
Summer 3Credits
Bible Elective2
Music Elective2