English from a different perspective

Learning how to read coherently and write effectively teaches you to think critically, increases your vocabulary, and improves your language and research skills.

Maranatha’s Baptist Christian English degree program will expose you to enduring literary works and teach you to write more effectively, whether you write sermons, correspondence, books, magazine articles, or other forms of communication. The English major will not only immerse you in the wide world of literature and awaken your cultural awareness but will also equip you to discern objective truth and beauty according to God’s standard.

"Christians [need] to develop their critical thinking skills through writing in order to serve Christ more effectively.” – Nathan Huffstutler, Faculty

Helping your peers

Maranatha's writing lab has many potential opportunities for students. If you struggle with writing papers, you can turn your paper into the writing lab, and your peers will give helpful critiques to improve your paper. Not only will they critique it, but they will also teach you methods to improve your writing skills for the next time.

If you write well, you can help critique others papers and get paid for it! As a writing lab tutor, you will review other student's papers and encourage them in their writing abilities. Along the way, you may improve your own writing skills as well.

Our faculty knows English

After teaching at Maranatha for over 20 years, Mrs. Angela Morris knows teaching isn’t just about classroom instruction.

“Some of my favorite times are when students stop by my office to talk to me, not merely about English, but also about their burdens about friends, or home, or their own struggles.”

Read more about our Humanities faculty.

Your potential career

  • Businessperson
  • Copy editor
  • Creative writer
  • Editor
  • English as a Second Language teacher
  • Journalist
  • Linguistic specialist
  • Proofreader
  • Publisher

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
English Composition3English Composition 23
Computer Technology Elective1Computer Technology Elective2
Old or New Testament3Old or New Testament3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2Minor3
The Modern World3Music Elective2
Mathematics or Science Elective3Mathematics or Science Elective3
Fall Spring 
British Literature Survey - 17893British Literature Survey: 1789-Present3
Composition and Literature3American Masterpieces3
Elementary Spanish 13Elementary Spanish 23
Computer Technology Elective1Baptist Heritage3
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3Minor3
Fall Spring 
Writing Elective3Literary Criticism3
Period Literature Elective3Computer Technology Elective1
Intermediate Spanish 13Intermediate Spanish 23
Introduction to Philosophy2Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Minor3
Minor3American Studies Elective3
Fall Spring 
Period Literature Elective3Literature Capstone3
Writing Elective3Writing or Period Literature Elective3
Bible Elective3Apologetics2
Minor3English Elective3
Humanities Elective3Bible Elective3
Open Elective1Humanities Elective3