Humanities: Letters

Delving into the classics

Want to sharpen your critical and creative reasoning skills, learn to read and comprehend complex material, and communicate more effectively? The Humanities major with a Letters track focuses on the extensive, fascinating world of history and literature. (You will select either history or literature as your specialty, plus a concentration or minor in another discipline.) Ideal for students considering graduate school for careers in law, history, or other fields, the Letters track provides a solid platform for developing skills of rhetoric, debate, reading, writing, and logical thinking. The dedicated instructors of Maranatha’s Baptist Christian Literature degree program foster an appreciation for diverse cultures and values that have influenced civilization throughout time, while emphasizing the importance of the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western culture.

“Maranatha really gives you the groundwork you need for later.” – Naomi Maunu, ('06)

Taking it further

Justin Jones (’07) chose Maranatha for its regional accreditation, but loved it for the opportunities, from singing groups to student body leadership. His 4.0 GPA led to scholarship offers from law schools. He turned down those offers and spent three years teaching English in China. He returned to the U.S. in the summer of 2010 to work as a business analyst in Oklahoma City, where he is actively involved in his church and engaged in outreach to the international refugee community. Justin is passionate about seeing the Gospel affect all aspects of life—including business practices—and plans to transition into management consulting after getting his MBA. "My time in China confirmed my desire to see the Gospel directly impact lives outside the walls of a church building, and I am excited about doing that through business," Jones said.

Our faculty knows English

After teaching at Maranatha for over 20 years, Mrs. Angela Morris knows teaching isn’t just about classroom instruction.

“Some of my favorite times are when students stop by my office to talk to me, not merely about English, but also about their burdens about friends, or home, or their own struggles.”

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Other humanities options

Your potential career

  • Communications
  • Seminary
  • Local or state government
  • Public relations
  • Collegiate teaching
  • Business
  • Writing/editing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Law school

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Computer Applications Seminar1General Psychology3
Old or New Testament3Computer Technology Elective1
English Composition 13History or Literature Elective3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2Old or New Testament3
The Modern World3English Composition 23
Math or Science Elective3Math or Science Elective3
Fall Spring 
Writing, Grammar, or Linguistics Elective3Writing, Grammar, or Linguistics Elective3
History or Literature Elective3History or Literature Elective3
Computer Technology Elective3Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3
Baptist Heritage3Minor3
Minor3Humanities Elective3
Open Elective2
Fall Spring 
Introduction to Philosophy2History or Literature Elective3
Macroeconomics3Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Psychology & Human Behavior Elective3Minor3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23American Studies Elective3
Minor3Open Elective3
Music Elective2
Fall Spring 
History Elective3Literature Elective3
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Literature Elective3Humanities Elective3
Open Elective2Open Elective3