Accounting Management

Godliness in business

More than ever, a well-trained and competent accountant finds a high demand for his or her services. Maranatha’s Accounting Management minor is designed to give you specialized knowledge in accounting so you can prepare and analyze financial reports for businesses, governments, and other organizations. Godly, experienced Business Department faculty members reinforce the importance of possessing not only technical skills but also personal integrity. The Accounting Management minor is also a great foundation for later graduate study in more specialized accounting fields.

Your potential career


  • Financial officer
  • Investment analyst
  • Banker
  • Business managerial owner
  • Auditor
  • Tax accountant

Required courses

(for non-business degree students only)
Introduction to Business & Manangement3
Computer Applications Seminar1
Principles of Accounting 14
Principles of Accounting 24
Accounting Elective
Microsoft Excel
Business Finance