Ancient Languages

Delving into the original text

How do you reach the entire world with God’s Word when some people groups don’t have a copy of the Bible in their language? If you have a burden for Bible translation, or if you enjoy breaking down Scripture passages to study them as they were originally written, consider Ancient Languages. A minor in Ancient Languages will help give you the knowledge you need to properly understand the Bible’s original languages, Greek and Hebrew. This program includes 23 hours of language classes—Greek and Hebrew grammar, linguistics, sociolinguistics, reading, and exegesis. If you want to learn more specifically about Greek, check out our Greek minor.

In the real world

Dr. Troy Manning has taught several of Maranatha's summer block courses on linguistics. He works full-time as the Chief Language Consultant at Bibles International. He supervises many translational works around the world. Manning also visits many of those fields to help the local translators. Through all of his work, he strives to maintain the clarity of the scriptures while giving the Word of God to people who have never had a Bible in their own language.

Read more about Dr. Troy Manning's translational work.

Required courses

Greek Grammar 14
Greek Grammar 24
Greek Reading3
Exegetical Grammar3
Exegetical Method3
Greek Electives (select one):3
General Epistles
Paul's Epistles
Prison Epistles
Hebrew Requirements:
Hebrew Grammar 13
Hebrew Grammar 23