Taking flight

Have you always wanted to fly? Here’s a way to pursue your dream—and get college credit for it. Maranatha offers an aviation minor in conjunction with Wisconsin Aviation, Inc., of Watertown, providing such courses as Primary Flight & Ground Training, Advanced Flight, Instrument Rating, Commercial Rating, and Multi-Engine Rating.

The program allows men and women to obtain appropriate flight training for a variety of licenses and purposes, including missionary aviation, business aviation, or personal use. Even if you aren’t interested in the aviation minor or concentration, you are still free to take flight training.

In the real world


Derek Black (’05) and wife Laura (Chapman, ’04) spent the summer of 2010 on deputation to become missionary church planters to the native villages of Alaska. “Our passion is indigenous church planting using aviation and nursing as support roles,” Black said. “As we envision God building the ministry, we plan on eventually acquiring an airplane to help the native Alaskans stand in the gap throughout their surrounding smaller communities.” Black said that, while studying aviation at Maranatha, his flight instructors tailored lessons to simulate types of flying he would encounter in Alaska.

Your potential career

  • Missionary pilot
  • Disaster relief
  • Flight instructor
  • Private pilot
  • Captain
  • Co-pilot
  • Flight engineer
  • Commercial pilot
  • Search and rescue
  • Air traffic controller
  • Crop duster
  • Traffic monitor

Required courses

Ground School2
Primary Flight1
Private Pilot2
Instrument Ground School3
Instrumental Flight4
Commercial Ground School3
Commercial Pilot3