Church Ministries

Readying to minister in the church

Do you desire practical training to lead ministries in the local church? For a well-rounded degree that prepares you to serve in important support roles, the Church Ministries major is an excellent option. Men can prepare to serve as an assistant pastor, youth pastor, Christian education director, song leader, or missionary. Because some of these positions are not necessarily paid within the local church, consider a major in a marketable skill such as business or education.

Michael Fiocchi (’95) earned his bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries (Missions concentration) at Maranatha before beginning his current ministry serving the Lord at New Hope Baptist Church in Albania with his wife Jennifer. “A Church Ministries major helps tremendously on the mission field,” Fiocchi said. “On many occasions, the missionary must have a practical knowledge of a variety of ministries. Church Ministries gave me that direction. I have taught the nationals many of the classes I took at Maranatha.”


Required courses (Men)

Introduction to Missions2
Theology & Practice of Public Worship2
Biblical Interpretation3
Phil. & Practice of Children's Ministry3
Introduction to Biblical Counseling3
Theology & Practice of Youth Ministry2
Homiletics 2: Sermon Composition2
Homiletics 3: Biblical Exposition2
Pastoral Life & Leadership2
Theology & Practice of Evangelism2
The Christian Home2
Christian Camping2