The key to the future

Sometimes the future depends on what we learn from the past. Maranatha’s history minor offers a thoughtful Christian perspective on important events, literature, political movements, and philosophies in the timeline of history. This helps us more correctly interpret the past, inform the present, and consider our direction and calling. As a history minor, you’ll explore the factors that have shaped the world and evaluate them in light of your responsibility as a Christian citizen. You’ll also develop your reading, writing, and research skills. Dedicated history professors emphasize the Judeo-Christian roots of western civilization and American history, helping you to develop a historical perspective from a biblical worldview.

History 2

In the real world

David Muse (’04) teaches U.S. History and Modern World History at Madison Area Technical College. The Business Management major and History minor at Maranatha earned a master’s degree in American History from Marquette University in 2007. He and wife Hannah taught English in China for one year before returning to America. “Going to China gave me a new perspective on the way other people view certain events in history,” Muse said. “History shows us how biblical principles were applied to American government and the practical ramifications of that. History also teaches us to learn from the mistakes of others.”

Your potential career

  • Political activist
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Curriculum developer
  • Historical guide
  • Museum curator
  • Historical researcher

Required courses

The Modern World3
Ancient Civilizations3
United States History 13
United States History 23
Choose one3
East Asian History
Native American History
History Electives9
Early American Politicial Thought3
History of England3
Renaissance & Reformation3
Twentieth Century History3
East Asian History3
Civil War & Reconstruction3
Native American History3
Recent & Contemporary America3
Modern European History3
American Constitution History3