Arranging Music

Putting music together

If you have musical ability and would like to arrange sacred works for voice and instrument without majoring in music, consider adding the Music Arranging minor to your program of study. The minor offers a thorough knowledge of music theory, notation, and harmony, which are foundational to good arranging technique. You’ll be exposed to beautiful sacred and secular numbers and have opportunities to arrange music for vocal, piano, and instrumental performance.

Required courses

Introductory Music Seminar0
Basic Music Literature3
Aural Skills Foundations2
Harmony 12
Harmony 22
Harmony 32
Choral Arranging2
Repertoire (6 semesters)0
Select a Proficiency
Instrumental Minor Proficiency9
Private Instrumental Lessons (5 semesters)5
Minor Instrumental Recital1
Instrumental Arranging Workshop
Choose one:
Piano Lessons1
Beginning Piano Class1
Piano Minor Proficiency7
Private Piano Lessons (5 semesters)5
Minor Piano Recital1
Keyboard Arranging1
Keyboard Skills 1-2(1-2)
Voice Minor Proficiency9
Introduction to Vocal Studies1
Private Voice Lessons (4 semesters)4
Minor Voice Recital1
Choral Arranging Workshop1
Choose one:
Piano Lessons1
Beginning Piano Class1