String Pedagogy

String Pedagogy Minor

String pedagogy is an excellent choice for the student who wishes to develop a private music studio. Maranatha Music Prep School provides a model school with excellent opportunities for studying how young people learn strings from preschool beginners through advanced levels. In addition to taking numerous pedagogy courses and completing a practicum, you’ll get hands-on teaching opportunities at Maranatha Music Prep School. Opportunities of this range and breadth are not common in Christian circles, but Maranatha is committed to developing students’ string skills and abilities for God’s glory.

Your potential career

  • Private string teacher
  • Conservatory studio teacher or administrator
  • Elementary music class instructor
  • String soloist

Required courses

Introductory Music Seminar0
Basic Music Literature3
String Pedagogy and Literature 13
Aural Skills Foundations2
Harmony 12
String Pedagogy and Literature 23
String Pedagogy and Literature 33
Student Teaching Internship (4 semesters of 0.5 credits each)2
String Proficiency Lessons (5 semesters)5
Minor String Recital1
Repertoire (6 semesters)0