Pastoral Studies

A call to the pastorate

In a world where many churches are theologically unsound and others are closing their doors, Maranatha is committed to biblically preparing men for seminary and service as pastors of independent, fundamental Baptist congregations. Maranatha’s Pastoral Studies minor is designed to provide a broad knowledge of biblical studies and Greek. Under the careful guidance of Maranatha’s experienced Bible faculty, you’ll gain valuable insight into the pastoral ministry, including pastoral leadership, prayer, church administration, preaching, and counseling. If God is calling you to reach the lost and shepherd the church through pastoral ministry, Maranatha is ready to equip you.

In the real world

Ray Paez ('05) is the Assistant Pastor/Hispanic Pastor at East Delavan Baptist Church in Delavan, WI. Paez graduated with a BA in both Pastoral Studies and Biblical Studies, then completed his master's degree at Maranatha ('06). He also teaches Spanish at a Christian school and serves as a chaplain for a local business. "Without question, my training … at Maranatha has proven invaluable to me in my six years in the ministry," Paez said. "My classes were instrumental in developing my critical thinking skills and theological balance, and I would say those are two things that I really value from my education there."

Required courses

Practical Theology Electives
Pastoral Life & Leadership2
Theology & Practice of Evangelism2
Theology & Practice of Public Worship2
Theology & Practice of Youth Ministry2
Theol. & Prac. of Discipleship & Christian Education2
Theology & Practice of Pastoral Counseling2
Church Administration and Finance2
Preaching Requirements
Biblical Interpretation3
Homiletics 2: Sermon Composition2
Homiletics 3: Biblical Exposition2
Theology Requirements
Theology 1 : Theology, Christololgy, Pneumatology3
Theology 2: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology3
Theology 3: Bibliology and Ecclesiology2
Theology 4: Angelology and Eschatology2