Advanced Placement


Advanced Placement Policies

Maranatha grants advanced placement under the following policies:

  • Entering freshmen who have completed Advanced Placement examinations and have scored 3 or above will receive credit.
  • Application for credit must be made before registration.
  • Students may receive credit for a maximum of 40 semester hours.
  • Up to 12 hours in any one field will be accepted.
  • Maranatha’s Advanced Placement code is 2732.

The chart below shows which AP examinations meet the requirements of specific courses or programs at Maranatha.

Maranatha Course CreditsAP Examination
BUMI 161Computer Applications Seminar3Computer Science (A, AB)
HUPS 131General Psychology3Introductory Psychology
ASMA 143Calculus 15Calculus (AB)
ASMA 232Calculus 15Calculus (BC)
ASMA 238Probability and Statistics3Statistics
HUHI 231US History 13History of the US 1
HUSO 233National Government3Government & Politics
HUHI 352Modern European History3European history
HUEN 121English Composition 13Language & Composition
HUEN 236Composition and Literatur3Literature & Composition
ASSC 151, 152General Physics 1 & 28Physics (BC)
ASSC 105Concepts in Environmental Science3Environmental Science
ASSC 141, 142General Chemistry 1 & 28Chemistry
ASSC 120, 121General Biology 1 & 28Biology
FIMU 114Harmony 12Music Theory (Score 3)
FIMU 115Harmony 22Music Theory (Score 4-5)