Attendance Policy


Class Attendance and Absences:

At Maranatha, we value education and class attendance. Regular class attendance is required of every student enrolled in the University. Every day, students should come to class prepared, listen intently, actively interact with the ideas, and engage in class discussion. The number of total absences that students are permitted without losing course credit is dependent upon their academic standing as follows:

  • Good academic standing: two weeks of class absences
  • Activities Ineligible: one week of class absences
  • Students on the Dean’s or President’s List and have earned more than 15 semester hours in residence at Maranatha: three weeks of class absences

There are no “excused absences” or “unexcused absences,” just absences. Students need to carefully track of their absences. Students do not get two weeks’ worth of cuts plus choir tour, illness, and a baseball trip. Students should reserve absences for legitimate causes.

Students are responsible for all assignments and class lectures. Faculty determine their own policies regarding late course work.

Students who are absent more than their attendance status permits, including both official University activities and personal absences in any given course, will not be granted credit for the course, except by special permission from the Academic Committee.

Current students may view the complete attendance policy online at on the Academic tab (click Academic Policies).