CLEP Subject Examinations

Maranatha grants CLEP credit under the following guidelines:

  • No more than 30 semester hours with up to 12 hours in one field may be accepted.
  • CLEP examinations must be completed prior to completing 24 semester hours of residential or online college credit.
  • CLEP examinations may not be used to raise grades or remove failures in courses already taken.
  • The passing scores are those recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Maranatha’s CLEP score code is 2732.
  • Questions should be directed to contact

The chart below shows the courses approved for credit at Maranatha.

Maranatha Course CreditsPassing ScoreCLEP Test
HUEN 121English Composition 1350College Composition Modular (no essay required)
HUEN 232American Masterpieces350American Literature
HUEN 233British Literature Survey to 1789350English Literature
HUHI 220Ancient Civilizations350Western Civilization 1: Ancient Near East to 1648
HUHI 130The Modern World350Western Civilization 2: 1648 to the Present
HUHI 231US History 1350History of the US 1
HUHI 232US History 2350History of the US 2
HUSO 141Introduction to Sociology350Introductory Sociology
BUMG 222Macroeconomics350Principles of Macroeconomics
BUMG 223Microeconomics350Principles of Microeconomics
HUPS 131General Psychology350Introductory Psychology
HUPS 233Developmental Psychology350Human Growth & Development
ASMA 103College Mathematics350College Mathematics
ASMA 131College Algebra350College Algebra
ASMA 132Trigonometry350Trigonometry
ASMA 143Calculus 1550Calculus
BUMI 161, BUMI 162Computer Applications Seminar and Information Systems350Information Systems & Computer Applications
BUAC 241Principles of Accounting 1450Financial Accounting