Grading System


Grading Rubric:

Grades are issued after mid-semester and final semester examinations, but only the final semester grade is entered on the permanent record. The following grading system and grading points are used (quality points are divided by the semester hours attempted to determine a student’s GPA):

Grade, Points

A: 4.0
A- : 3.7
B+ 3.3
B: 3.0
B-: 2.7
C+: 2.3
C: 2.0
C-: 1.7
D: 1.0
D-: 0.7
F: 0.0

Grade, Definitions

A: Superior
B: Above Average
C: Satisfactory
D: Passing
F: Failure
WA: Withdrew from audit
W: Withdrew
WF: Withdrew failing
WP: Withdrew passing
AU: Audit
I: Incomplete
M: Member of group
NC: No credit
NR: Not reported
OC: Overcut
P: Passing
R: Course repeated; no credit given