• Students wanting to transfer 30 semester hours must enroll in and successfully complete 12 semester hours in residence at Maranatha before transferability of courses can be confirmed.
  • Undergraduate transfer students must complete a minimum of two semesters and at least 30 undergraduate hours of credit at Maranatha regardless of the number of hours transferred to graduate. At least one-half of the credit hours in the major field and 24 of the final 30 semester hours must be completed in residence at Maranatha. If a student withdraws, is expelled, or earns poor grades during his or her first semester at Maranatha, credit for courses earned at other institutions may not transfer.
  • Activities eligibility for the first semester is based on the student’s completed courses at the prior institution, using Maranatha’s eligibility standards. Transfer students who earn a GPA below 1.7 for their most recent grading period will be activities ineligible. After the first semester, only grades on their Maranatha transcript will affect a student’s activities eligibility. (See Academic Standing)
  • Once students enroll at Maranatha, they may not attend college classes at two-year institutions without securing special permission from the student’s academic department chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Registrar prior to enrolling in the class. (Forms are in the Registrar’s Office.) Courses and hours accepted for transfer are limited.
  • Transcripts for coursework done elsewhere must reach the Registrar’s Office by the second Monday in April in the year of anticipated graduation to apply toward a degree. A late fee of $200 will be assessed for transcripts received after that date.
  • A student’s cumulative grade point average for all courses found on his or her Maranatha transcript will affect a student’s activities eligibility. For transfer students, this will begin after the first semester at Maranatha.