Biblical Studies Core

Students pursuing a Bachelor degree must complete the 24-hour Biblical Studies Core:

Biblical Studies Core Objectives
After completing the Biblical Studies Core, students should be able to

  1. Comprehend a basic understanding of Bible knowledge and Christian doctrine, including an understanding of man’s origin, purpose, and destiny from a biblical perspective.
  2. Develop proficiency in biblical studies methodology in biblical interpretation, and in appropriate application to the issues of life.
  3. Recognize the Bible as the foundational resource for developing a personal set of values through the integration of biblical truth into life.
  4. Develop a close relationship with God through a greater knowledge and application of His written Word.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate the Gospel clearly and credibly.
  6. Know and value the heritage, history, and distinctiveness of the Fundamental Baptist movement.
  7. Be able to articulate a biblical worldview that will tie all fields of study to the Scriptures and to the God of the Scriptures.

Some majors have more specific Biblical Studies course requirements.

Requirements (18 Credits)Credits
BIBI 107Old Testament Survey2
BIBI 108New Testament Survey2
BIBC 110Christian Life 1: Personal Growth & Evangelism1
BIBC 210Christian Life 2: Christian Worldview1
BIBC 212Principles of Bible Study2
BIBC 221Baptist Heritage3
BIBC 310Christian Life 3: Leadership1
BIBI 315Bible Doctrine 13
BIBI 316Bible Doctrine 23
Bible Electives (6 Credits)
Bible Content Electives (4-6 Credits)
BIBI 210The World of the New Testament2
BIBI 212Life of Christ2
BIBI 215Hebrew History2
BIBI 223Joshua & Judges2
BIBI 225Ezra & Nehemiah2
BIBI 230Proverbs2
BIBI 245Jeremiah & Ezekiel2
BIBI 285Gospel of John2
BIBI 290Johannine Epistles2
BIBI 292Daniel & Revelation2
BIBI 293Romans2
BIBI 294Mattew2
BIBI 328Job2
BIBI 335Psalms & Counseling2
BIBI 340Luke2
BIBI 350Acts2
BIBI 3601 and 2 Corinthians2
BIBI 370Galatians2
BIBI 380Hebrews2
BIBI 383James & 1 Peter2
BIBI 395Pauline Epistles2
Bible Application Electives (0-2 Credits)
BIBC 220Evangelism Practicum2
BIBC 232Modern Creationary Thought2
BIBC 240Holy Land Studies2
BICO 241Introduction to Biblical Counseling2
BICO 242Counseling Problems and Procedures2
BIEV 363History of Revival2
BIPA 472Fundamentalism2
CHMI 102Introduction to Missions2
CHMI 226Comparative Religions2
CHMS 231Phil. & Practice of Children's Ministry3
CHMS 427The Christian Home2