General Studies Core

Students pursuing a bachelor degree must complete a General Studies Core of at least 31 hours:

General Studies Core Objectives
Students should be able to:

  1. Understand the historical and cultural context of present society.
  2. Clearly articulate thoughts, ideas, and beliefs in a logical and organized manner through writing and speech.
  3. Think critically, making sound judgments regarding the worth and merit of various ideas, values, or artistic expressions.
  4. Understand people, their motives, interactions, and cultures.
  5. Utilize a systematic and disciplined approach toward examining nature and solving quantitative problems
  6. Appreciate the order and design of creation.
  7. Make God-honoring moral and ethical choices.
  8. Appreciate biblical values such as diligence, integrity, humility, and purity, and acquire a care and concern for maintaining the health of the physical body.

All courses that a student tests out of (except English Composition 1) must be replaced by credits within their category. English Composition 1 credits may be replaced by any General Core credits. Asterisk indicates a required course. Other courses are electives. Some majors require that specific courses be taken to meet some of the requirements in the General Studies Core.

Rhetoric and Communications (5-8 Credits)Credits
CASP 111Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
HUEN 121English Composition 13
HUEN 122English Composition 23
HUEN 236Composition and Literature3
HUEN 237Journalism3
HUEN 239Advanced Writing3
HUEN 241Technical Writing3
HUEN 421Creative Writing3
CASP 122Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation2
CASP 241Oral Communications for the Professions2
CASP 447Debate3
CADM 111Introduction to Communications3
CADM 210Principles of Video Production 13
Math, Science, and Technology (6 Credits)
Any mathematics course3
Any science course3
BUMI 261Microsoft Excel1
BUMI 262Microsoft Access1
BUOF 324Desktop Publishing3
EDUC 207Instructional Media and Technology3
CADM 266Web Site Design 13
CADM 267Web Site Design 23
Any music technology course (FIMU 141, FIMU 151)
Note:Elementary Teacher Education majors may cound ELED math or science credits.
Humanities (12 Credits)
HUHI 130The Modern World3
American Studies (Choose one of these three courses.)
HUHI 230Early American Political Thought3
HUHI 231United States History 13
HUHI 232United States History 23
HUHI 220Ancient Civilizations3
HUHI 233History of England3
HUHI 237Renaissand and Reformation3
HUHI 245Twentieth Century History3
HUHI 250Modern East Asian History3
HUHI 352Modern European History3
HUSO 134Introduction to Geography3
HUSO 141Introduction to Sociology3
HUSO 233National Government3
HUPH 330Introduction to Philosophy3
HUPH 332Ethics3
HUPH 433Apologetics3
HUPS 131General Psychology3
Modern Foreign Language3
BUMG 222Macroeconomics3
BUMG 223Microeconomics3
EDUC 225Human Relations3
Literature, Music, and Performing Arts (5 Credits)
Literature Requirement (Choose one of these three courses.)
HUEN 232American Masterpieces3
HUEN 233British Literature Survey to 17893
HUEN 234British Literature Survey: 1789 to Present3
Music Requirement (Complete two credits.)
FIMU 236Music Appreciation3
FIMU 100Music Theory Fundamentals3
FIMU 101Basic Music Literature3
FIMU 114Harmony 1
Private or Group Music Lessons1 or 2 per semester
Performing Groups1/2 per semester