Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined by the following criteria which are evaluated at the conclusion of each semester:

  1. Satisfactory GPA First semester students: 1.75 GPA (C-) All other students: 2.00 GPA (C)
  2. Successful ratio of completed courses/attempted courses First year students: 45% completion. All other students: 67% completion
  3. Hours attempted may not exceed 150% of the published academic program requirements.

If a student fails to meet the first and/or second standards, he or she will be given a written warning but will still be eligible for financial aid during the next semester. If a student who has received a warning fails to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards by the end of the following year, he or she cannot receive any federal or state financial aid until good academic standing is re-established. If a student surpasses 150% of the credits required for his or her program, he or she is no longer eligible for federal or state aid. A student may submit a written appeal requesting an exception to the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. The request should be addressed to the Financial Aid Director and be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for review. The request should explain extenuating circumstances that may justify a waiver. Examples of justifiable circumstances include an extended illness or injury to the student or a death in the student’s immediate family. The decision of the Financial Aid Office Review Committee is final.