International Students

Maranatha encourages international students. To ensure adequate time for university admission and visa processing, submit your application by April 15 (for fall semester) and August 15 (for spring semester).

Students admitted to the United States on student visas are required by law to be registered as full-time university students (enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours for undergraduate degrees and 8 semester hours for graduate degrees). For information on United States student immigration requirements, visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The admissions committee looks for a clear salvation testimony, evidence of Christian maturity, academic ability to do university level work, satisfactory TOEFL score, a qualified Affidavit of Support, and a desire to serve the Lord in your home country.

Complete the online application or PDF application

During the application, you’ll supply personal information, other school experiences, and a 200-word autobiography that includes your salvation testimony, educational objectives, and purpose for attending Maranatha. The online application can be saved and returned to whenever you want, but most students complete this step in less than one hour.

Pay $250 application fee (USD)

Pay the $250 application fee online when you complete the online application or mail us a check. A portion of the application fee ($200) is applied toward the U. S. Government Immigration Services Fee. Your application will not be processed until we’ve received your application fee. If you’re not applying online, mail your application fee, application, and autobiography to:

Admissions Office
Maranatha Baptist University
745 West Main Street
Watertown, WI 53094

Once your application, fee, and autobiography is submitted, Maranatha will send you an admissions packet, which includes all the forms necessary to complete your admissions file. You can download the forms now if you don’t want to wait.

Supply character references

The character references must be completed by three people who are not relatives. One must be your pastor or a pastoral staff member. You may use a deacon or other church official if your pastor is a relative. If you supply us with email addresses for those individuals who will complete references we can send convenient e-references. For those individuals without email addresses or those who prefer the paper form you can deliver a print version of the reference. The individual completing the print version of the references should mail them directly to Maranatha.

Send your transcripts

Contact your high school and ask them to send your transcript to Maranatha. If you have not yet graduated from high school we can take your file to the Admissions Committee provided we have a transcript at least through your junior year. Provide us with transcripts for all colleges attended.

Complete an affidavit of support

Complete an Affadavit of Support for Sponsors Form substantiating your ability to pay for university from family funds, personal funds, U. S. sponsor, or work study, if available. If your support is from family funds, you must provide bank statements indicating you have at least $18,900 plus travel expenses to and from Wisconsin. If your support is from a U. S. sponsor, he or she must provide bank statements indicating at least $75,600 on deposit to cover your education for four years. This information is kept confidential in your admissions file. Your sponsor is also responsible for any medical care that may be required.

Take the TOEFL test

If your native language is not English, you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in the English language by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This test is administered several times every year in major cities throughout the world. Send results to Admissions–Maranatha’s code is 9539. An acceptable TOEFL score for Maranatha is 500 on the paper-based test, 173 on the computer-based test, and 71 on the Internet test.

Receive a decision from Admissions

The admissions committee evaluates your application and forms, looking for a clear testimony and evidence of Christian maturity and looking at your academic ability to do university-level work, your TOEFL score, your affidavit of support, and your desire to serve the Lord in your home country.

Return confirmation form and $175 deposit (USD)

If you’re accepted to Maranatha, sign and return the confirmation form and deposit (to be applied to your semester down payment).

Complete I-20 Student Visa

Once Maranatha has your confirmation form and deposit, we will issue an I-20 Student Visa. This form is required for foreign students to enter the United States for educational purposes.

Register for classes

Fall preregistration begins in April and spring registration begins in December. The earlier you register for class, the better opportunity you have to get the classes you want when you want them. You are eligible to pre-register for classes once you have been accepted and paid your deposit.

Complete any remaining admission forms

If you’ve not already completed and returned the Health History Report or Physical Examination form, you must complete these by August 1 (fall semester applicant) or December 15 (spring semester applicant). A physical examination should be completed within 6 months of the start of the semester you will be attending. Athletes cannot practice until both medical forms are completed and on file. Athletes must have everything complete in their file to play in a game. Nursing students must receive all immunizations before beginning clinicals. Be sure to contact your high school or college for final transcripts to be sent to Maranatha.

Attend Jump Start Weekend

This fall orientation, the weekend before classes begin, is required for all new fall semester students, including transfer students. A spring orientation session is held during the first week of the spring semester. Contact Admissions if you have questions.