2011 Senior Photo Exhibition


Skiler Shough and Serena GrahamSkiler Shough and Serena Graham both enjoy taking pictures of things they cherish: friends, family and … coffee.

“I just love coffee,” Graham said April 25 while discussing her photo, “Cup of Joe,” that was displayed during the first Senior Photography Exhibition at the Cedarholm Library and Resource Center’s Heritage Room. “Cup of Joe” shows the drink in a white cup, surrounded by coffee beans. The swirls of the coffee appear to form a flower or wheat stalk.

“This particular picture was just a sporadic idea that turned out really well,” Graham said.

Graham and Shough both displayed about a dozen mounted photographs that confirmed their progress through Maranatha’s photography minor program. The photography minor was adopted in 2009-10. Graham is a senior Humanities/Liberal Arts major from Memphis, Tennessee. Shough is a senior Humanities/Liberal Arts major from Bemidji, Minnesota.

Shough’s personal pick was “Mudprints,” a picture of a friend on a playground swing, her face framed by the closeup image of her two muddy shoes.

“My favorite pictures are the ones with people in them,” Shough said. “Because I was there, I know what they were thinking at the time, what their emotions were. I can pick out photos that really capture who they are.”

Skiler Shough shows her photos to students.The College family received this new event with enthusiasm. A line of 44 people wound its way between the library’s bottom floor shelves when the doors to the exhibition opened, and more than 100 came through during the 90-minute show. Both photographers also had laptop computers set up with slideshows that demonstrated more of their work.

Graham and Shough produced printed statements that reflected their philosophies and approaches to photography and listed the photos from the show. There was a card under each photo indicating the title and camera settings for that picture.

One of the more unique photos was Shough’s “Streetlights.” She used a timed flash technique to capture her friend’s face, framed by a fur collar. After the flash subsided, the shutter stayed open for a few more seconds to create the time-exposure image of car headlights and street lights in the background.

“My friend Karen had to stand really still until we were done,” Shough said.

There are about 15 students enrolled in the photography minor program, instructor Tim Mielke said. Three or four will be graduating seniors in 2011-12.

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