Davis Named Executive Vice President


Dr. Matthew Davis teachingMaranatha has announced that Dr. Matthew Davis will serve as Executive Vice President, effective immediately.

Dr. Davis has served as Maranatha’s Corporate Counsel and Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness since joining the administration in August of 2010 and has been highly instrumental in advancing the ministry’s Strategic Plan. His new role brings an even greater profile to the ongoing work of continuous quality improvements and accomplishing the College’s strategic initiatives.

“I count it a great honor to serve the Lord in any capacity here at Maranatha,” Dr. Davis said. “What an amazing ministry to be a part of. This is a special stewardship of the heritage and legacy of God’s work in lives for more than four decades.”

Dr. Davis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Maranatha in 1996 and his Juris Doctor degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Law in 1999. Prior to coming to Maranatha, he worked as a staff attorney for the Christian Law Association, where he helped thousands of churches facing legal difficulties. In 2007, Dr. Davis moved to Wisconsin to help establish Eternal Vision, a ministry dedicated to supporting Christian education. He has taught hundreds of students over the last four years as an adjunct professor in Maranatha’s undergraduate business program (Business Law I & II) and Seminary (Local Church & the Law, Pastor & the Law, and the new Seminary webinar series). Dr. Davis is active in local church ministry at Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown through service as a deacon and school board member, leading an Adult Bible Fellowship, and many of the church’s children’s ministries.

Matt and wife Dana live in Watertown and have three children at Calvary Baptist Christian School—Tim, 10; Mike, 8; and Eric, 6. Dana Davis serves as Maranatha Online’s Instructional Designer.

Dr. Matthew DavisMaranatha President Dr. Marty Marriott said all College operational divisions will report to Dr. Davis through their existing executive leadership. One of his initial duties during the coming months will be to meet with all staff leaders and managers to assess workflow and organizational needs for all departments.

“As a graduate of the College, he knows Maranatha, and through his service in the local church, he has demonstrated proven character and servant leadership,” Dr. Marriott said. “He has served well and learned quickly.”

“The appointment of Dr. Davis marks an important milestone in Maranatha’s development,” said Dr. John Brock, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “The position goes beyond personality to the advancement of Maranatha’s vision and goals as articulated in the College’s Strategic Plan. Dr. Davis will help focus the entire Maranatha family on operational efforts that will provide momentum for strategic efforts.

“I have enjoyed working with Matt. His hard-working, creative, and proactive propensities, seasoned with grace, made this an easy selection for Dr. Marriott to make and for his colleagues to accept.”