Meet the Bible Department Faculty


Hockman, David, Bible facultyDavid Hockman

David Hockman graduated from Bob Jones University with a bachelor’s degree in Bible, then earned Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pa. He teaches classes in Greek, Theology and New Testament. Hockman frequently fills pulpits at area churches. He has coached basketball at both the high school and college level.

Faculty on Hockman:

“Dave Hockman shows that you can be both a very smart guy and a great communicator. The guy is a ‘brainiac.’ But he also has a tender heart, and that really comes across in his classroom. He has a great mind and a great heart.” —Dennis Komis

Students on Hockman:

“I really liked him as a teacher. The way he sets up his outlines and tests makes the information easy to understand, remember, and apply.” —Rob Caudill, sophomore, Pastoral Studies

Hockman on Hockman:

“My goal is to help the students become lifelong learners of God’s Word. I am thankful to have a part in training students to go out and impact this world for Christ. Lord willing, the students will gain the necessary tools and heart for ministry that will serve them well wherever God leads them.”

Dennis Komis

Komis, Dennis, Bible facultyDennis Komis has earned two master’s degrees—a Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Minn.) and a master’s in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s College (Calif.). He was involved in pastoral work for more than 20 years after earning his bachelor’s degree in Bible at Bob Jones University. Komis teaches primarily Biblical Counseling classes. He has been an interim pastor at three different churches in the area since coming to Maranatha and is also active in NewFocus, a local church ministry for those dealing with addictions.

Faculty on Komis:

“He brings spiritual maturity, stability, and humility. He lives the spiritual maturity we’re all aspiring to. Perhaps more than anyone I know, Dennis practices what he preaches.” —David Saxon

Students on Komis:

“He has a sincere pastor’s heart. For me to see pastoral care in a student-teacher relationship has meant a lot to me, both personally and from the standpoint of ministry training.” —Tim Turner, senior, Biblical Studies

Komis on Komis:

“I love to show from the Scriptures how every Christian can grow and change into Christlikeness. What a joy to see God’s all-sufficient Word change lives and equip Christians for competent, compassionate ministry!”

Bruce Meyer

Meyer, Bruce, Bible facultyDr. Bruce Meyer earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Bob Jones University and his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pa. He was a pastor for five years and now teaches theology, doctrine, and Biblical Counseling classes. He is a former pastor and school administrator who offers private counseling services.

Faculty on Meyer:

“He’s a sharp student of the Word and a very knowledgeable teacher. He knows his stuff. Students appreciate that.” —Dennis Komis

Students on Meyer:

“I loved being in his classes. His passion for God’s Word, and for his students, was very evident. He’s nearly as passionate about his students as he is about the Word.”—Steve Thayer, senior, Math Education

Meyer on Meyer:

“I get to open God’s Word and present it to students who are very eager to hear it. That’s an unbeatable combination. It’s a thrilling task.”

David Saxon

Saxon, David, Bible facultyDr. David Saxon earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree and PhD in church history, all from Bob Jones University. He teaches a variety of Bible courses at Maranatha as well as philosophy and ethics. The history of theology is one of Saxon’s passions. The other is his family—a wife and four children who all share their father’s love of sports and music.

Faculty on Saxon:

“He is our resident scholar and theologian, but you wouldn’t know it from his humble spirit. He has a big brain, but not a big head. Students really look up to him because of the depth of his knowledge and humility.” —Dennis Komis

Students on Saxon:

“He is very good at apologetics and defending the faith. But, most of all, he’s just brilliant. Whatever it is, he knows about it. You walk out of his class and just say, ‘wow.’ ” —Andrew Solarek, senior, Biblical Studies

Saxon on Saxon:

“Many of the students the Lord brings each year to Maranatha come from wonderful homes and churches and bring a sweet, godly spirit that challenges and encourages me in my own walk with the Lord. Interacting with the students is the best part of college teaching.”

Brian Trainer

Trainer, Brian, Bible facultyBrian Trainer earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Bible and Greek from Bob Jones University and a Master of Divinity degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Va.). He teaches a variety of Bible courses, is Chair of the Bible Department, and is director of the Global Encounters missions program. Trainer has traveled or taught in more than 30 countries.

Faculty on Trainer:

“Brian is a tremendous department head. He brings a passion for ministry. He pours himself into everything he does. He’s also incredibly skillful as a preacher and teacher. He’s probably my favorite preacher on campus.” —David Saxon

Students on Trainer:

“He surprises us at times with his answers, with his ability to think outside the box. I think students like him because he is so real, and because he has an incredible heart for them.”— Andrew Steiner, senior, Pastoral Studies

Trainer on Trainer:

“I can’t imagine anything bringing more enjoyment than teaching or preaching the Word of God and seeing the proverbial lights go on in the listener’s eyes. My most enjoyable classes are those which equip others to read, understand, and apply the Bible to their own lives.”