Meet the Seminary Faculty

Hudson Andrew seminary facultyDr. Andrew Hudson

Dr. Andrew Hudson completed his undergraduate work at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College before going on to earn three graduate degrees from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Minn.). He was the chair of Pillsbury’s Biblical Studies Division from 1996-2008 before coming to Maranatha in the fall of 2009. His primary teaching fields are Greek and New Testament.

Faculty on Hudson:

“You can see that his heart is to communicate truth, not just information. If he wants to communicate information, it’s because it is information that will impact lives.” —David Hockman

Students on Hudson:

“Dr. Hudson is my favorite teacher of all time. He gets his class to interact more than any professor I know. He’s not a slave to his notes, either. He’s not afraid to park on a subject if he feels it’s important.” —Jeremy Horneck, graduate student, Biblical Studies

Hudson on Hudson:

“Classes of students who just sit there don’t excite me. If there is a class that is interactive, that asks a lot of questions, I like that. I tell my students how much I appreciate the fact that they pay money to ask questions so that I can learn.”

Preston Mayes

Mayes Preston seminary facultyPreston Mayes has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Theology, and is completing work on his PhD in Theological Studies. He teaches primarily Old Testament and Hebrew at Maranatha Baptist Seminary. Mayes is an avid participant in bowling and water skiing.

Faculty on Mayes:

“He is perfectly suited to seminary teaching. He is a deliberate thinker. When he gives you an opinion, it’s one that is well-considered and well-thought out. If it is solid content you’re looking for in his classroom, you’re certainly not going to come away feeling cheated.” —David Saxon

Students on Mayes:

“He’s very intelligent and disciplined in his approach to teaching. Hebrew grammar could be a student’s least favorite subject, but he does too good a job with it to let that happen.” —Todd Bowditch, graduate student, Biblical Studies

Mayes on Mayes:

“We need to teach the facts. Beyond that, we are trying to give the students the skills they’ll need to minister. But, during that process, I also learn and grow. It’s very stretching.”

Dr. Fred Moritz

Moritz Fred seminary facultyDr. Fred Moritz came to Maranatha in the fall of 2009 after 24 years as Executive Director of Baptist World Mission. He previously was a pastor at four different churches and also spent six years as a full-time evangelist. He graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College with a bachelor’s degree in 1963, and earned his Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary four years later. He also earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bob Jones University in 1992. He supervised more than 350 missionaries at BWM.

Faculty on Moritz:

“He is so well-read … and he seems to be able to remember everything he’s read. When he tells you about something he read years ago, he still can rattle off the name of the author and quote them perfectly. He communicates all that information very well in the classroom. Students are just glued to what he is saying.” —Bruce Meyer

Students on Moritz:

“He’s tons of fun. He has a story for everything and can lighten the mood of a pretty heavy discussion. Dr. Moritz is extremely devoted to starting with Scripture and working out his theology from there rather than making Scripture conform to his theology.” —Geoffrey Stertz, graduate student, Biblical Studies

Moritz on Moritz:

“I love the classroom, and I enjoy the classroom experience and the privilege of working with young people.”

Dr. Larry Oats

Oats Larry seminary facultyDr. Larry Oats, Dean of Maranatha Baptist Seminary, is less formally known as “Mr. Maranatha.” He arrived in the fall of 1968, taught his first Greek class as a college senior, and has served as a professor, the Director of Development, and the interim president (2006-07), among many other offices and duties. Oats has earned a bachelor’s and three master’s degrees from Maranatha as well as a PhD. He was named Dean of the Seminary when it opened in the fall of 2009.

Faculty on Oats:

“He teaches the facts that must be learned; but, more importantly, he teaches students how to ‘do’ theology. He shows them how to make it part of their ministries. Also, his knowledge of what needed to be included in this Seminary was very good, very extensive.” —Preston Mayes

Students on Oats:

“He’s interacted with a lot of people. He’s had some very unique experiences, and it’s cool when he shares them. He is very academic in his approach, but he’s also open to allowing (students) to speculate about theology. He doesn’t dwell on your ideas, but he listens to them and helps evaluate them.” —Matt Tanis, graduate student, Biblical Studies

Oats on Oats:

“I enjoy learning when I prepare for a class. I enjoy what I see happening in the lives of students. I also recognize that teaching is a great way to expand a ministry. Alumni and former students are teaching and preaching all over the world. Somewhere in all those ministries is a little part of every teacher they had at Maranatha.”