Air Force ROTC Detachment Wins Award

Detachment 925, the Air Force ROTC program that includes Maranatha’s cadets, was recently honored with the Right of Line Award recognizing the nation’s best small detachment.

“Our cadets stand out because they are high quality students and future officers,” Lieutenant Colonel Todd Berge, the detachment Commander, said in a statement released by UW-Madison. “I also take great responsibility along with my cadre to mentor and motivate my cadets to do the best in everything they do. They know that we set the standard and I let them know that from the first day I was in the seat as the commander. I teach them to always lead by example.”

Detachment 925 includes Maranatha, UW-Madison, UW-Whitewater, and Edgewood College. The small detachment award is for those with 74 or fewer cadets. Cadets are judged on their university activities, community participation, military preparedness, and success in meeting academic, fitness, and retention goals.

Berge said he expects his detachment to rank in the nation’s top five in physical fitness this year; the group was ninth last year.

Air Force ROTC cadets currently enrolled at Maranatha include Samuel Doyel, Kyle Nupson, Garrett Holmes, Dalton Preston, Jordan Robb, Joseph Baillie, Marcus Heffernan, Tyler Nupson, and Jared Sweitzer.