All-Campus Bedtime Story

TubbyTubaGraphicOn Friday, Sept. 23, the Maranatha Symphonic Band will renew the triennial tradition of the All-Campus Bedtime Story.

Tubby the Tuba was first performed in 1996. The performance will feature speech department coordinator Jeff Miller narrating as well as John Metallo playing the tuba. The senior Biblical Studies major has been playing the tuba for two years and looks forward to playing melody for a change.

Although the band performs for the college at 10:30 p.m., families from the community are invited to attend a special 7 p.m. performance created to allow children to experience the event. “It’s great to see the faces of little kids when you show them the tuba,” Metallo explains. “They’re always flabbergasted!”

Because the tuba is the featured soloist, Metallo has been working on the piece since May. He has increased his range almost a full octave to meet the four-octave range required to play Tubby the Tuba.

The performance will take place on the gym floor, and students are encouraged to bring blankets to sit on. As per tradition, students “dress up” in pajamas and fluffy bathrobes while bringing favorite pillows or teddy bears. The band also arrives in similar attire.

In what attire does the featured tubist plan to attend?

“I’ve got a few ideas,” he says, “but you’re just going to have to come to the concert and find out.”