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8/3/2016Becky (Paull, '02) and David ('03) Dorothy- a daughter, Emmalyn Grace
8/3/2016Bryndal (VanWyk, '14) and Joel ('15) Auchtung - a daughter, Reagan Melody
7/11/2016Kayce (Brockman, '11) and Bryan ('03) - a daughter, Audrey Mae
6/22/2016Michele (Zoback '14) and Ryan Barrie- a daughter, Freya Claire
5/28/2016Andrea (Ly, '13) and Klinton ('14) Richerson- a daughter, Elise JoAnn
5/17/2016Sarah (Delany, '11) and Joel ('09) Stevens- a daughter, Jade Elizabeth
5/3/2016Jennifer (Hutchinson, '05) and Eric ('15) Whitmore- a daughter, Amethyst Jean
3/20/2016Brittney and Eric ('09) Johnson- a daughter, Anna Olivia
3/14/2016Nadine (Flack, '12) and Eric ('10) Hall- a daughter, Karis Joy
3/9/2016Melissa (Boucher, '09) and Benjamin ('09) Rhine- a daughter, Linnea Kay
3/6/2016Lisa (LaRoche, '00) and Timothy Johnson- a daughter, Yvonne Carney
3/4/2016Krista (Landis, '13) and Luke ('11) Mielke- a son, Micah Lance
3/1/2016Kristin (Woodby, '10) and Nathan ('08) Muse - a son, Jack Roy
2/26/2016Joanna (Ray, '09) and Jonathan ('08) Potter- a daughter, Elena Grace
2/22/2016Kristin (Morrison, '15) and Drew ('14) DeLozier- a son, Trey Keaton
1/18/2016Tracy (Herrmann, '12) and Aaron Diers- a son Gabriel Leroy
1/15/2016Melissa (Kaminski, '13) and Moriah Merrill- a daughter, Mylea Ellen-Elise
1/2/2016Alyssa (Steinmetz, '11) and Joseph ('12) Furnari- a daughter, Teagan Joy
12/31/2015Amber (Collier, '07) and Jeremy ('06) Cochran- a daughter- Adeline Verniece
12/24/2015Deanna and Clinton ('13) Morris- a son, Paxton Ray
12/18/2015Charity (Wishart, '05) and Isaiah ('06) Oetken- a daughter, Madelyn Daisy
11/23/2015Sarah (Carlson, '08) and Laramie ('12) Schroeder- a son, Bennett West
10/31/2015Kristen (Kowalcyk, '08) and Ash Brackett - a daughter, Kayley Savannah
10/31/2015Melanie (Mulder) and Michael ('12) Whiteberry - a son, Marcus
10/29/2015Erin (Fredricks, '12) and Chris ('11) Jochum - a daughter, Lily Snow
10/27/2015Micki (Kibler, '14) and Jonathan ('06) Rehfeldt- a son, Owen David
10/17/2015Tiffany (Breil, '09) and Brad Spies- a daughter, Palmer Grace
10/17/2015Elizabeth (Darrow, '08) and Timothy ('09) Adam - a son, Josiah Lukas
9/25/2015Melissa (Nichols, '10) and Thomas Prusak- a son, Ezekiel Alan
9/21/2015Anne and Daniel ('13) Chodan- a daughter, Audrey Rose
9/19/2015Cydnee and Jonathan ('07) Deemer- a daughter, Charlee Belle
9/11/2015Melissa (Marvin, '12) and Mark ('07) Bradstreet- a son, Symon Lee
8/28/2015Lacey (Bland, '11) and Joshua ('12) Komis- a son, Titus Joshua
8/23/2015Angie and Jason ('09) McKinney- a son, Bennett Daniel
8/15/2015Katiann (Olsen, '11) and Jason ('09) Wright- a daughter, Nicole Serene
8/9/2015Amanda (Scheps, '11) and Jonathan ('10) Yelland- a daughter, Alice Lee
8/5/2015Jillian (Busse, '09) and Benjamin Hewison- a son, Gabriel Douglas
7/30/2015Casaundra (Cooper, '14) and Del ('15) Terpenning- a son, Cooper Micah
7/29/2015Sarah (Pill, '13) and Chip ('10) Herbert- a daughter, Susannah Rose
7/18/2015Kelli (Philleo, '04) and John Stanford- a son, Harrison Wayne
7/16/2015Heidi (Hendrickson, '03) and Tim ('04) Johns- a son, Isaac Emmet
7/4/2015Jillian (DeYoung, '08) and Mark ('07) Scally- a daughter, Juliana Ashley
7/1/2015Allyson (Walton, '12) and Philip Sturm- a daughter, Alice Harper
6/29/2015Jennifer (Zoller, '10) and Scott Sidwell- a daughter, Acacia Crystal
6/16/2015Linette (York, '12) and Nathanael ('12) Steinbart- a son, Joseph David
6/15/2015Grace (Williquette, '14) and Billy ('15) Peters, a daughter- Brooklynn Grace
6/14/2015Amy (Brill, '10) and Timothy ('10) Manion - a son, Brayden Timothy
6/10/2015Auna (Terpenning, '08) and Nathan ('09) Bearup- a son, Daniel Chase
6/9/2015Rachel (Worley, '07) and Wendell Thacker - a daughter, Kahlan
6/3/2015Susan (Ferris '06) and James Yuen - a daughter Elise Charity
5/28/2015Amy (Myers '06) and Westley Todd - a daughter, Alexis Lynne
5/27/2015Jennifer (Fredricks, '11) and Matthew ('10) George- a son, Travis William
5/25/2015Amy and Daniel ('98) Kobernat - a daughter, Kate Jo
5/24/2015Valerie ( Shaver ('01) and Dennis ('03) Rew - a daughter, Isla Kate
5/20/2015Kellie and Daniel ('08) Kaminski- a daughter, Kya Mae
5/19/2015Kelly (Holt, '06) and Kyle Parkes - a daughter, Sadie Anne
5/19/2015Laura (George, '04) and Zachary ('04) Mortimer- a daughter, Morghan Alivia
5/3/2015Robyn and David ('12) Ebacher - a daughter, Anna Eleizabeth
4/30/2015Rose (Fisher, '05) and Benjamin Arvieux- a son, Kenneth Martin Lawrence
4/27/2015Aimee (Socci '05) and Jesse ('04) Hertzog - a son, Judah Douglas
4/25/2015Jennifer (Brockmann) and Lance ('10) Saxon- a daughter, Anandra Jacie
4/11/2015Jennifer and Timothy ('08) Reinert - a daughter Mia Kate
3/27/2015Megan (Pulliam, '09) and Andrew ('09) Currie- a son, Mason Hardy
3/26/2015Hayley (McGrail, '07) and Andrew ('08) Swift- a daughter, Sydney McKenna
3/26/2015Mary (Strahm, '06) and Chris Bergstresser- a son, Hunter Jamison
3/25/2015Maya and Brad ('91) Anderson- a daughter, Maeryn Elyse
3/5/2015Samantha (Kinney, '14) and Lance Nuckolls - a son, William Troy
2/27/2015Hannah and Michael ('02) Nadraus- a daughter, Magdalene Grace
2/24/2015Jacque (Smith , '03) Criss - a daughter, Emma Caroline
2/18/2015Hannah (Kutz, '07) and Tim ('06) Miller- a daughter, Danielle Lee
2/17/2015Amy (Fitzsimmons '03) and Charles Plummer - a daughter, Mary Grace
2/15/2015Brittney (Leporacci '10) and David ('05) Moore - a son, Elliott Crawford
2/13/2015Stefanie (Husker, '06) and Seth Murnane- a son Travis Ryan
2/11/2015Karen (Bramblet) and Sean ('07) Greer- a daughter, Helen Rose
2/11/2015Tina (Yelland, '10) and Jordan ('10) Davidson- a daughter, Jane Christina
2/1/2015Jennifer (Shaffer, '07) and Matthew Jones - a daughter, Meredith Hope
1/29/2015Dori (Thompson, ’06) and Andy Davis- a daughter, Aurora Sophia
1/26/2015Amie (Laudenslager. '05) and Andrew ('06) Vawter- a son, Archer Lee
1/26/2015Elizabeth (Gross, '11) and Aaron ('07) Love- a daughter, Chloe Elizabeth
1/25/2015Heather (Wetzel, '11) and Stephen ('11) Lingle- a daughter Grace Addison
1/9/2015Jaimie (Montgomery, '12) and Randall ('12) Flack- a daughter, Kacie Lyn
1/6/2015Laura (Neisler, '08) and Jacob ('08) Bennett- a daughter, Saylor Lauren