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8-14-2014 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “I am sorry that I am sending this out so late. Tomorrow is Cindy’s treatment. She has been doing well and we are praying for a good day. Thank you for your continued prayers. We did have the opportunity to go to Guam this summer to visit our oldest son Jeffrey and family. We had a wonderful time with them. It was a once in a lifetime chance, and we are so thankful for the time we had with them. Praise the Lord for His goodness to us! May the lord bless you!

Psalm 107:21 Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”

7-17-2014 Matt (’09) Abrahamson- Matt writes, “Our unborn son (Myles) has a birth defect that will have a significant impact on his entry into this world at the end of August. My wife Missy has started a blog to inform concerned friends and family and to keep the updated with the last eat news and prayer requests. The blog is at . We greatly appreciate all your prayers.”

7-4-2014 Michael (’88) Jones- Michael writes, “I have been blessed with a Fulbright Grant and will be spending the 2014-15 school year teaching philosophy at the University of Bucharest in Romania. This should be a wonderful opportunity for ministry of all sorts. Laura will be with me and will be researching her EdD dissertation on the challenges of integrating Roma children into the Romanian public school system. We have been involved, off an on as opportunities arise, in Romania since 1998 and are thrilled to be able to spend 10 months in the capital. We would appreciate the prayer support of the Maranatha family.”

4-2-2014 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Thank you so much for your prayers. It is an incrediible blessing to know that God’s people around the world are praying for Cindy. The treatment on Friday went very well.  She did not have a reaction to the drug and we were only there for 6 hours. We continue to praise God for all that He has done. May the Lord bless each of you and we pray that you will always stay close to Him.

I John 5:14 ‘And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:’”

3-25-2014 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Psalm 40:5 ‘Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.’

We are so thankful for the Lord’s blessings that continue each and every day. Cindy has been doing well, with good energy and orneriness (just kidding). She will go in this week on Friday for her next treatment. We are very thankful for the prayers and words of encouragement from all of you. Please continue to pray for her. The Lord has been so wonderful! Truly His wonderful works cannot be numbered.”

1-30-2014 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “The Lord is good all the time. The Lord has continued to bless in a wonderful way. So many have prayed for, asked about, and encouraged Cindy through this whole time. We are thankful for each one of you. Cindy will be going in for her maintenance dose of rituxan this Friday. She has been doing very well and continues to gain strength. She does have some soreness from time to time and about 4 days after the treatment there is a short time of being very tired. I am tremendously blessed, and all the praise goes to our Heavenly Father. Please continue to pray and may the Lord bless all of you. Philippians 1:3, ‘I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.’”

1-27-2014 JoDee (Watson, ’02) Crocker- JoDee writes, “Please pray for our 6month old son Malachi. He was admitted to the hospital a week ago with an upper respitory infection. Praise God that has healed up but he is still not gaining weight. The doctors can’t find a reason for his weight loss/extremly slow gain. Currently Malachi does not even hit the 1st percentile for his age. Last night we were transferred to the childrens hospital. Here they can do more specific tests and monitor him more closely. We will be here at least a week. Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom and that we will find answers. Pray as we have two other young children at home, Noah and Kallissa. It is hard for them to be without mommy and daddy. The driving and food costs are also extremly taxing as this is the third week I have missed work and my husband has taken a week off. We know that God is good and we pray for his will through this trial. I am grateful to be working in a Christian preschool that is very understanding. God’s strength is perfect and we pray He will make it abundant in our weakness.”

12-6-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Cindy received her treatment today and everything went very well. She did not have a reaction to the rituxan and she is feeling very good. She was told by the doctor that the CT scan done in October was positive. Everything was normal size, except the spleen was on the high side of normal. She will continue to receive a maintenance dose every other month as planned and may have another scan done in 4 months. Thank you for your prayers and for being such encouraging friends. We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season and realize that we are all truly blessed by the Savior of the world.

Psalm 118:24 ‘This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.’”

12-3-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “It doesn’t seem like a year has gone by already. How many times can we say, ‘Praise the Lord!’? The Lord is good all the time. Even though we do not know what lies ahead, we have been truly blessed by God’s answers to our prayers. Cindy will go in for her maintenance treatment this Friday, December 6 as long as her blood work Thursday is fine. She has been doing very well. We attribute this to the prayers of all of you and a faithful God. We are truly thankful for all who have prayed and given in this past year. May the Lord continue to bless each of you throughout this Christmas time and the next year.”

11-22-2013 Keith (’75) Thibo Pastor Keith writes, “Most of you saw the pictures of the tornado destruction that took place in our town (Washington, IL) While our church and school did not sustain damage, 6 families in our church lost everything they own. 500 homes destroyed along with 100′s of apartments. A 1000 families have had to find shelter. Our church’s disaster response team of over 100 workers has been in ground zero for a week with helping hands, power equipment, and hope. We have many weeks hard work ahead of us. The financial needs are staggering. Pray for our safety. Pray for our strength. Pray for our gospel witness. Thank you to MBBC graduates who have sent funds and gift cards. God bless you for it.”

11-14-2013 Jennifer (Courser, ’96) Basham Jennifer writes, “Please be in prayer for our littler church here in New Brunswick, Canada. We just found out that our church is in some trouble financially… I do not know if they will be able to continue paying my husband Daniel who is the Pastor here or how the church will continue to function. Please just pray. I do not believe that God is finished with us here or with the work here as a whole. I know that God will listen if we all band together in prayer for HIS intervention in this. Please pray. It would be great for the Spirit of the church as well to see HIM work! Thank you so much!”

11-12-2013 Melissa (’05) Carlson Melissa writes, “On Saturday November 16th, our church will be leading a creation seminar entitled, ‘In the beginning: where were you?’ We will be having a special guest speaker with us from Umeå, Sweden. His name is Mats Molen. Please be in prayer for this upcoming opportunity as well! We have invited a number of people! Please pray that folks would be interested in coming, that Christians will be encouraged in the faith and that unsaved will come to understand their need of Christ!”

11-8-2013 Patricia (Napolitan, ’04) Wiggins Patricia writes, “Just a quick update on my mother-in-law. The test results from the biopsy on her bone marrow came up negative for blood cancer, but positive for bone marrow cancer. She is no longer eligible for a liver. There is nothing more the doctors can physically do for her. Her health has gotten worse this past week. Since the doctors can no longer do anything for her, we have all decided that she will be moving into hospice care to keep her comfortable until she passes. Pray for my husband and his family as we begin to make final decisions for my mother-in-law. Pray for God’s comfort, peace and guidance for all of us. Thank you.”

10-29-2013 Patricia (Napolitan, ’04) Wiggins Patricia writes, “Please pray for my mother-in-law Tina Wiggins Ferguson. She has been dealing with declining health due to the need of a liver transplant. She took a turn for the worst around mid September and has been back and forth to the hospital. She went back to the hospital about 2 weeks ago and has been back and forth between ICU and regular rooms. She is currently ready to have the transplant but has had some set backs that are preventing her from receiving the new liver. She is scheduled to have a biopsy done this week of her bone marrow for the possibility of blood cancer. If the doctors find any cancer, they will not give her the transplant. They will instead make her comfortable until she passes. If there is no cancer detected, then she will be given the transplant. It has been a very difficult time for my husband’s family and all of us that have been taking shifts being with her at the hospital. I know God is a healer so I am praying for a miracle, but whatever God’s will is either way, I know that His will has been done. Please pray for her, the family and the doctors that God would impart wisdom in this very trying time.”

10-23-2013 Carrie (Davis, ’86) Mendoza Carrie was scheduled to have surgery this past Monday to remove a cyst from her head. Carrie writes, “Thank you all so much for praying and for your notes of encouragement! The doctor decided to postpone the surgery because it seems there was some infection. Also, the cyst has grown considerably since he saw me two weeks ago, which may make its removal more complicated than expected. I’m on medication for a week, then go back again. Praying that it won’t grow any more–even that the Lord will shrink it.”

10-8-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “The treatment on Friday went very well. Cindy did not have a reaction to the drug and everything went faster than usual. Instead of 8.5 hours, it took less than 7. Praise the Lord for His goodness. She is doing well and I am grateful for the prayers that are given in her behalf. Continue to pray for Cindy’s dad. He is very close to death, but we are praying that he will not suffer during this time. Thank you for your concern and prayers. We love you and pray for God’s best in your life.

Isaiah 26:3, ‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.’”

10-4-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “I know you haven’t heard from us in a while, but the old saying ‘no news is good news’ works for this situation. Cindy has been doing very well over the last couple of months. We are praising the Lord every day. She goes in this Friday for a maintenance dose of rituxan. We pray that she will not have a reaction to this drug. Last time she did not have a reaction and was able to have the dose in one day. We are so thankful to all that have been diligently praying for her. We are able to tell many that there are people praying around the world for her and that God is good all the time. May the Lord bless you and may we praise His name together.

Please pray for Cindy’s father. He is on hospice care. We do not know how much time he has left. He knows the Lord and is ready to meet His Savior face to face. What a tremendous blessing and testimony his life has been.

Hebrews 13:15, “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”

10-1-2013 Please pray for Dr. and Mrs. Rick Townsend and Sean and Cara McGrail.  Naomi Townsend, Cara’s sister and the Townsends’ daughter-in-law, died suddenly on Sunday morning.  Her funeral will be held at First Baptist Church in Elyria, OH.  Pray for her husband Todd and the family and friends who will be traveling and for the Lord to be honored as her testimony is shared.

Naomi Townsend’s viewing will be at First Baptist Church of Elyria, OH, from 3-6 PM on Wednesday, followed by a viewing and funeral at Freedom Farm Bible Church, Pittsford, MI, at 12:30 PM on Thursday. A graveside service will be held at Lane’s Cemetery in Onondaga, MI, at 3:30 PM. Cards for Todd Townsend, and/or donations to assist him with funeral expenses, may be left in Dr. Townsend’s MBBC mailbox today or tomorrow.

8-23-2013 Ellen (Roehl, ’84) Hierl- Ellen writes, “My husband, Dennis, has brain cancer. On a recent MRI there was tumor regrowth at the original site and one other place. He will be off of all medication for 28 days in order to qualify for a new trial drug program. Please pray that these days do not result in large growth of the tumors. Our prayer is that the MRI he has prior to the trial will show a miracle has occurred and all tumors are gone.”

8-20-2013 Jeremy and Katie (Pierce, ’01) Estrema (Missionaries to Argentina)- Jeremy writes, “Just wanted to send out a quick update to ask for prayer.  My (Jeremy) mother took a turn for the worse and is now on life support in Boca Raton, FL.  After much prayer, we felt that it would be best if I flew to Florida to be near my mom this week.  We also decided that it would be best for Katie and the kids to fly back to Colorado to be with her parents while I am away. My mom is currently sedated right now, unable to talk to others.  However, people can talk to her.  The doctors say that she is currently struggling with pneumonia and COPD.  They tried to take her off the oxygen today to see if she could breathe on her own, but to no avail.  She was too weak. As most of you know, she is not saved. Please pray for her salvation.  Please also pray that I will be able to be a good witness for my stepfather and my brother.  Both are really struggling during this difficult time.  Please pray for their salvation.  My heart aches as I said goodbye to Katie and the kids for the next three weeks.  I will greatly miss them.  Please pray for Katie to have a safe flight to Colorado with the kids.  Also, pray for her during my time away.

We love you and appreciate so much your prayers,
Jeremy (Acts 20:24)”

8-8-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “I know it has been a while since you have heard from us. I consider that a real praise to God for his mercy. Cindy has been doing very well. She goes in this Friday for a maintenance dose of rituxan. She will be having these every two months for the next two years. This is the drug that helps the reduction in size of the affected areas. This is also the drug that she has had a reaction to each time. Please pray that the reaction will be minimal. We are very thankful to all of you that continue to pray for her. Our Lord is incredible! Psalm 107 says over and over again, Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! We are very thankful to our gracious God! May the Lord bless each of you as you continue to serve Him! Again, we want to thank each of you that gave so generously to us. Your gift was overwhelming! We are so thankful to be able to work with you to the Glory of God! May HE richly bless you!”

7-29-2013 Please be in prayer for Chuck and Linda Phelps and the Weindorf family, as well as the Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis. On Saturday one of two church buses returning from Camp CoBeAc was involved in an accident. Chuck and Linda’s son Chad was killed in the accident. Chad’s wife Courtney and their unborn baby were also killed. Chad and Courtney’s son Chase was on the bus and survived.

Maranatha’s nursing major, Gretta Weindorf, also lost her mother Tonya. Charles and their family appreciate our prayers during this difficult time.

Expressions of Christian sympathy may be sent to the following home addresses: Dr. Chuck and Linda Phelps, 10551 Williamson Parkway, Carmel, IN  46033. The Charles Weindorf Family, 3809 Dona Court, Carmel, IN  46033.
The church Facebook post for Saturday read: “Thank you all for your tremendous outpouring of love and strength stated here and in numerous other ways. Through your prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit, the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be magnified as His people find Him to be sufficient even now. “Lord, because this is true; ‘This God; His way is perfect; the Word of the LORD proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him’ (Psalm 18:30)….please allow this to be true; ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope’ (Romans 15:13).


6-3-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Update on Cindy. Friday she went to the doctor for a checkup. The blood tests that they took were very good. Everything went well at the appointment. The doctor recommended that she begin a maintenance dose of the rituxan. This will take place every two months for the next two years. He may extend the time period between doses as time goes on. There have been some very good reports of this keeping the cancer from progressing in other patients. She is doing very well and we are so grateful for all the prayers that have been given in her behalf. May the Lord richly bless each one of you! If there are any changes I will let you know. Thank you so much.”

5-8-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Thank you is not enough to express the gratitude we have for the prayers that have gone up for Cindy. We know that we serve an incredible God who does answer prayers. We don’t always understand the answers, but are grateful that He knows best. Cindy will be going in for her 6th treatment this Thursday and Friday. We do not know what will take place after that. I will let you know after her meeting with the doctor. We have been truly blessed by the results so far. Please keep praying for her. Thank you so much for your love and concern for her. I know that I am truly blessed.”

3-13-2013 Ellen (Roehl, ’84) Hierl- Ellen writes, “My husband, Dennis,
completed his treatments for brain cancer on February 28. An MRI the following week showed no regrowth of the tumor at this point. However, the chances for regrowth are almost 100%. He will have MRIs every eight weeks to continue to
monitor this situation. Please continue to pray that God will work a miracle in
his life so that this cancer never returns. Our blog is:”

2-26-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “Here’s a quick update on Cindy. She was able to have the chemo therapy today. Her numbers were up and the treatment went well. They decided that they are going to do the treatments every 4 weeks to allow more time for her cell count to recover. The next one will be April 4th and 5th. She is doing very well and in very good spirits. We do serve a wonderful Savior. We are very grateful to all that are praying for her. You are a tremendous blessing. May the Lord richly bless each of you. Psalm 46:10″

2-26-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes,This is the week for Cindy’s fourth treatment. She will have her blood test on Wednesday to determine if she can have her treatment. It will be in two parts this time. On Thursday she will have the chemo drugs, plus part of the antibody drug that she has been having a reaction to. They will give her the other part of the drug on Friday. They are hoping that by doing it this way, Cindy will not have a negative reaction to it. Cindy has been doing well. She still gets tired easily. We know that people have been praying. It is very evident daily. Thank you to everyone for all that you have done and for your prayers. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones.”

1-29-2013 Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes, “She has been doing fairly well in the last couple of weeks. She will be having her blood tests on Thursday and then her next round of chemo on Friday. The doctor will let us know the results of the blood tests on Friday as well. She still gets tired very easily, but has been able to continue working. We greatly appreciate the words of encouragement and gifts of love presented to us. We know that the Lord is answering the many prayers that have been said for Cindy. It is wonderful to know that we serve a gracious Savior and that He continues to be in control of all things. We covet your prayers and appreciate all of you. I will let you know about her progress after Friday.”

1-14-2013 Herb and Elaine Haines- Elaine writes, “We had an appointment with Herb’s oncologist this past Thursday, and because Herb was in a great deal of pain and we knew the tumors were growing again, he was admitted to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Friday morning. A liver biopsy was performed Friday afternoon, and chemotherapy was begun that night. He will remain in the hospital for 5-6 days to complete this round of chemo, go home and rest for 3 weeks, and then back again to the hospital for another round of 5-6 days of chemo. At this point we pray he will be close to remission and can go to Duke University for a stem cell transplant. The Lord has been very gracious to us through all of this, and we are praying He will see fit to heal Herb, and give us the strength we need. Thank you for praying with us!”

1-14-2013 Mark (’03) and Sarah (Weilmuenster, ’03) Pitts Mark and Sarah want to thank those who have been in prayer for them in their application for permanent residence visas to Australia. Please be in prayer as they head out onto the mission field.

1-12-2013 Jeff (’79) and Cindy (Roehl, ’79) Borchardt- Jeff writes,Thank you so much for your prayers! Cindy did not sleep real well last night, but seems to be doing fairly well after her second treatment. She did have a reaction to the same drug yesterday, but they were able to take care of things. Her blood work that was done had good results. The only area in which the numbers were not better was her anemia. She has been eating better and the enlargement seems to be going down a little. That has helped in the area of eating. She still gets tired, but that is also expected. You have all been so kind in your notes of encouragement, gifts, meals, and cards. The ladies of the church brought her a gift bag with many special things inside. A blanket was made for her that she used to keep warm during the treatment. What a blessing received by all! The next treatment is Friday, February 1. I will keep you informed. I want to thank you all for everything. I cannot explain in words the appreciation I have for all of you. May the Lord richly bless you! Take care and keep looking up!”

6-29-2012 John Opala (’82) John is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve. John has been called up to an active duty tour as Deputy Division Chief, Soldier Programs and Services Division, of the Human Resources Command at Fort Knox, KY. His responsibilities encompass a large division that provides services and support to the entire Army, and also Operation Enduring Freedom. Please keep John in your prayers as he serves our God, and our country.

6-29-2012 Dennis and Ellen (Roehl, ’84) Heirl On June 8, Dennis was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On June 11, it was removed. The tumor is the most aggressive type of brain tumor, and he has begun chemo and radiation. Please pray as Dennis and Ellen walk this journey together, and also for their newly adopted seven-year-old daughter. You can follow along with them at

4-25-12 Keith (’85) and Diane (Williams, ’84) Warren Keith and Diane just completed 22 years at their church in Strasburg, Virginia. God has blessed their church over the years, and they are now in the process of building an auditorium that will seat 400 people. Volunteers from all over the United States will come together to help build the new auditorium. Please pray for the Warrens and their church as they go through the building process. Keith and Diane remain thankful for their training at Maranatha and the godly influence of people like the Cedarholms.

4-24-12 Carl (’92) and Linda Griffin Carl and Linda live in Milwaukee where Carl serves as Senior Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Please pray for Carl for wisdom to lead the people of God (I Ki. 3:7-9). Pray for Linda as she serves at Marquette University Childcare Center teaching those precious children.

4-24-12 Martin (’80) and Sherri (Bloyd, ’81) Counterman On February 17, Martin had to be taken by ambulance to a nearby facility. Upon arrival, he was in complete kidney shutdown accompanied by several other complications. The doctors immediately did surgery to implant dialysis ports. From surgery he began his first dialysis. Martin is home now and is taken to dialysis 3 times a week. The Countermans’ church, Liberty Community Church, has been a great support. Others have also stepped up to assist. Several ministry opportunities have come about, and Martin is eager to see what God has in store. Thank you for your prayers for Martin and Sherri.

4-18-12 Matt (’09) and Melissa Abrahamson Maelyn came home from the hospital last night and is doing much better. All the tests came back negative.

4-16-12 Matt (’09) and Melissa Abrahamson Yesterday afternoon, Matt and Melissa took their little girl Maelyn (3 years old) to the hospital because she had a seizure. After another seizure this morning, Maelyn was taken to Children’s Hospital. Please be in prayer for the Abrahamson family during this time.

4-16-12 Todd (’84) and Lisa (Ziegler, ’82) Werner Please be in prayer for Pastor Todd Werner. He experienced a heart attack Sunday morning and will be having tests today. Lisa reports that Todd is out of surgery and had three stents put in his heart. One blockage was 90%. His blood is not clotting properly, so he will be in the hospital until they are sure that bleeding is stopped. The doctor does not feel there is significant damage to the heart; that is a praise!

4-2-12 Chris and Marie (Bean, ’81) Anderson Please pray for the family of Marie Anderson. On March 14, Marie’s youngest daughter Melissa fell asleep while driving home from spring break. Her vehicle veered into oncoming traffic and collided with an 18-wheel truck. Melissa passed away upon impact. Her visitation and memorial service were March 17-18. Please pray for comfort and strength for Melissa’s family, especially for her siblings.

3-26-12 Mark (’90) and Melissa Brooks Melissa Brooks, wife of Maranatha graduate Mark Brooks, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Mark Brooks is pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Cedarburg, WI. Pray for the oncologists as they review her case, for Melissa as she heals from surgery, and for the Brooks as they “wait on the Lord.”

3-23-12 Dennis and Kay Ice Thank you for your prayers for Dennis Ice.  The surgery went well yesterday.  The previous bone scan did not show any cancer in other areas and the surgeon feels they were able to remove all the cancerous cells in the prostate area.  Dennis was in extreme pain after surgery.  By God’s grace, his personal physician who is a member and deacon here at GBC, stopped by to check on him.  Dr. Hiltz ordered morphine which eased the pain.  He had a good night and is in good spirits.  They expect 3 days in the hospital (should be home Saturday).

3-14-12 Carlos and Patricia (Napolitan, ’04) Wiggins Please pray for the Carlos and Patricia as they seek the Lord’s will about having a family. They have been told they cannot have children and are open to adoption or foster care. Please pray that the Lord’s is done in their lives.

2-17-12 Ellen (Roehl, ’84) Hierl My husband and I will be traveling to China to adopt our six year old daughter in March. Please pray for us as we travel and for her as she leaves behind everything that is familiar to her. Also, please pray for us as we teach her about Jesus that she will have a open heart to the Gospel. You can follow along with us on

2-17-12 Jessica Jester (’11) Please be in prayer for Jessica Jester, a December 2011 graduate. It was discovered earlier this month that she has a brain tumor.

2-2-12 Karen Kuhns (’69) I am currently back in Uruguay after my 8 month furlough from March-Nov.,2011. God allowed me to get to all but one supporter, get in 17 new churches, see all of my family and all of Roy’s siblings. More than a dozen folks got saved for which I praise His name!

We are in our HOT summer and busy with VBS this week, Feb. 3-5 here in Paysandu. The Harmons (daughter Jo Anna) has VBS Feb. 6-8. in Durazno, Uruguay. Paysandu is hosting the national family Bible camp here just outside of Paysandu on Feb. 13-17. Thank you for your prayers. On March 13 I will complete 37 yrs. here in Uruguay, and on April 23rd,, it will be ten years that my late husband, Roy Kuhns, went to be with the Lord. I’m so blessed to have both daughters in ministry in Uruguay with me and have all 5 of my grandchildren here, too. God is indeed good! Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!

1-24-12 Michelle Jones (’92) asks prayer for a friend who has been missing since January 14 while climbing in Mt Fuji in Japan. His name is Matt Johnson. Visit FB page: Please Pray for Matt Johnson for more information.

1-10-12 David (’81) and Joan Earnhart Joan recently had surgery to replace her right hip joint. Please pray for her as she recovers and begins walking.

12-7-11 Martin (’80) and Sherri (Bloyd, ’80) Counterman Sherri writes, “Please pray for my husband Martin. He has been suffering with progressive Kidney Disease along with diabetes. During his most recent hospitalization the neuropathy has progressed to the point he cannot walk or stand for any length of time. He is a children’s/ family Pastor and teaches an adult Sunday School class along with being our AWANA Commander. Please pray with us for our neeed for a handicapped accessible van and strengh for Martin.”

11-28-11 Steven (’10) and Tanya DeWitt Little Jacob Silas DeWitt went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, November 22. Please continue to keep Steven and Tanya in your prayers during this time.

11-28-11 Tammy (Maggard, ’98) Benbrook Please pray for David Benbrook, spouse of Tammy Benbrook. His cancer has spread to his lymph nodes and bones.

11-18-11 Steven (’10) and Tanya DeWitt Please continue to pray that Jacob will be able to start feedings soon and that his liver will heal.

11-9-11 Raelynn (Svendsen, ’84) Breil– My dad, Larry Svendsen, was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma cancer. He has started chemo. Please pray for his strength and healing.

10-7-11 Keith (’85) and Diane (Williams, ’84) Warren– Keith has served as pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Strasburg, VA, for the past 22 years. Diane is the church’s administrative assistant. Please pray for Liberty Baptist Church as it enters its third building project in the time the Warrens have been there.

9-6-11 Gene (’74) and Becky (Piek, ’74) Mathes– Update from Rachel (Mathes) Uskas: My name is Rachel, and I’m the daughter of Gene and Becky ( Piek ) Mathes, MBBC alumni. I would like to ask prayer for my mother Becky who has been dealing with health problems since May and is facing another surgery. It was discoverd mid-may that Mom had a tumor on the vertabre in her neck, very close to the brain. Surgery was scheduled quickly and the recovery process started. She was recovering well and seemed to be regaining strength. As July began she started having stomach problems, and seemed to lose ground. Unfortunatly it took the doctors a long time to figure out what was wrong. So by the end of July she had lost 20 pounds and was in a very weakend state. Her doctor decided that in-patient rehab would help her. She has been at a wonderful facility in Lake Geneva for about three weeks. We had also noticed she was very confused, having trouble with her speech and walking was getting more difficult for her. They did an mri and discoverd that she has a build up of fluid on her brain and neck where the tumor was removed. We met with the surgeon on thursday and surgery was scheduled for this coming tuesday. They will be inserting a permanent shunt in her brain to drain the fluid, and also reparing the area in her neck where the fluid is leaking from. The doctors say that two thirds of people recover from this condition after having this surgery. We are praying that she will come through the surgery safely and that she will be able to care for herself again.

9-5-11 Doug (’88) and Kris (Fehrmann, ’85) Richards– Doug had a motorcycle accident on August 28. Please pray for healing and for upcoming surgery to repair some damage to his jaw and hand.

9-5-11 Dr. Darryl and Janice Sturgill– Dr. Sturgill had surgery on Friday to remove a tumor in his stomach. Please keep him and Mrs. Sturgill in your prayers at this time.

8-30-11 Steven (’10) and Tanya DeWitt– Steve and Tanya are requesting urgent prayer for little Jacob. He is not doing well and has taken a turn for the worse. They are not sure if he will be able to pull through this one. He has been worse than this once before, but they don’t know how much more his body can take. His body is not fighting infection, his heart is fragile, and he has needed platelets almost four days in a row. He also looks more jaundiced and is having trouble breathing. Please pray for healing in his precious body. The worse he does the longer the surgery that he desperately needs will be delayed.

8-12-11 Jonathan and JoDee (Watson, ’02) Crocker– JoDee writes: “I wanted to take a minute to share an answer to prayer God provided this week. God provided my husband Jonathan with a full time job. We have been praying for a little over 2 years. We are grateful for the many lessons God has taught us through this time of waiting. He has been so faithful in meeting our needs and providing exactly what was needed when it was needed. While not what we would have chosen it has increased our faith and provided us with some unique ministry oppurtunities. We thank God for bringing the job He had for Jonathan. Several doors that we thought looked good God closed. This new job has a flexible schedule allowing us to become more involved in the ministries of our church. It will also allow me to return to being a full time stay at home mom. I have been teaching a toddler class in a local early learning center. God provided so that I know my kids there will be in good hands. I will still be subbing and helping in my son’s preschool class.”