Prayer Requests

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7-26-2016 Pastor Greg (’83) Stine- Knox Stine, grandson of Greg (’83) and Crickett Stine, has been on a ventilator and unconscious since November 30, 2015. He is now 10 months old. Please pray for grace and wisdom, and healing.

2-19-2016 Pastor David (’96) and Carol (Beisbier, ’96) Nothem- “Carol is doing well.  Surgery turned out, and the Doctor feels he got all that he needed to get out, and we are now waiting for the pathology report to see if more is needed.  We thank everyone for their prayers and support.  We serve a great God.” Pastor David Nothem.

2-19-2016 Pastor David (’96) and Carol (Beisbier, ’96) Nothem- Please pray for Carol as she was diagnosed with cancer last week. The doctors informed her that she would need surgery right away, and a substantial payment to the hospital is due the same day as the surgery. David says, “God is truly manifesting Himself and touching many people through all the testimonies and prayers.  Carol is going to have surgery on Tue. 23rd at about 1:00 pm.  Please up hold us in prayer.  God has given Carol and myself peace through this time of trial.  We feel all of your prayers.” You can find out more and, if the Lord leads, help cover medical expenses here.

2-18-2016 Roberta (’07) Shepp- Please pray for Bobbi Shepp and her fiancé, Ray Goesling. Their wedding is in three months, and Ray has just been diagnosed with cancer. They are currently waiting to hear the biopsy results to confirm that he has chronic myeloid leukemia. You can read Bobbi’s update here.

11-10-2015 Leah (Yelland, ’13) and Evan (’13) Haun- At 21 weeks pregnant, Leah and Evan headed to the hospital, facing some scary and unexpected complications with their highly sought after pregnancy. Following a weekend of physical and emotional ups and downs, on Monday, November 9th, their daughter Gillian Marie Haun was born. Soon after, she left for Heaven.  You can help Evan and Leah with medical expenses and some of the burial costs. More information is at

11-4-2015 Nathanael (’98) and Crystal (Girton,’97) Oats- Pray for Crystal Oats as she has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of lymphoma. She will soon begin chemotherapy treatment. You can follow this link for more information.

9-1-2015 Michelle (Hogsett, ’96) Osborne- Please be in prayer for alumna Michelle/Chelle (Hogsett, ’96) Osborne. Chelle is fighting an aggressive and invasive brain tumor. She had surgery earlier this month to remove most of the tumor. The biopsy revealed that the tumor has progressed to a grade 4 GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). Chelle is a mother of four young children, and her husband, Scott, is a pastor at Redemption Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. Please be in in prayer for Chelle, Scott, and their family as they need strength and peace in these times. Also be in prayer for Chelle and the doctors as they decide how to proceed.

2-2-2015 Clinton (’13) and DeAnna Morris– Please pray for Clinton and DeAnna Morris. There was a fire in their home on Monday, February 2, that consumed most of their furnishings and personal belongings, including clothing for their baby. Pray for the Morris family as they wait for the insurance company to act. They are currently in temporary housing. Clinton serves as assistant pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Trumann, Arizona. Clinton writes, “Praise God that no one was home or injured. Also someone called in the fire when it was small, so the rest of the house is standing. God understands why we go through these trials, pray that we accept it.”