Annual Fund Campaign: Thank You For Investing in Me

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Maranatha Director of Development Steve Board said that, as fundraising efforts go, the Safety and Security Campaign was not a hard sell at all.

“I think everybody understands that, in the environment we live in today, students need security,” Board said. “Especially where they live and sleep.”

One of the largest groups of donors for any recent project—240, to be exact—agreed with him. Those generous donors gave a combined $108,000, allowing the purchase of a proximity card entry system that was installed in every residence hall during the 2012 fall semester. One donation came from a supporter who agreed to give a matching gift of $25,000 if the College could raise $25,000 in 60 days.

“When you examine the list of those who gave, you’ll see a significant number of parents of current and former students, plus alumni who were once students here and also saw the need,” Board said.
The system requires students to swipe their ID cards for dorm entry. It can also be used to record chapel attendance, saving hundreds of hours for the Student Life Office, and could be utilized for attendance in large lecture hall classes in the future.

Another Way to Care for Students

Maranatha has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in unfunded student scholarships. Students, some from families experiencing financial difficulty, desire to prepare for ministry in the local church and the world.

Caleb Farmer is a sophomore, Biblical Studies major who returns each weekend to serve in his home church. Farmer said the Bible and Church Ministry Scholarship is, “instrumental in my being at Maranatha.”

Zach Miley came from Pennsylvania to visit Maranatha during his senior year in high school and found it to be a place of “friendliness and peace.” The junior Missions major said, “Maranatha feels like home to me.”

Online courses introduced Levi Ragan to Maranatha and encouraged him to apply for the Teacher Education Scholarship. The freshman Music Education major said receiving that scholarship was “an answer to prayer and a definite confirmation that God wanted me at Maranatha.”

Jessica Walworth, a senior Social Studies Education major, grew up in a Mormon home in Colorado. She was saved after being invited to church by a Christian classmate. Walworth said she is at Maranatha “because of God,” as the Lord helped meet her needs through several scholarships. Walworth said she delights in seeing the amazing way God provides at every payment due date.

The College invests more than $600,000 in unfunded scholarships each year. Although there are many worthy projects to pursue on campus, Maranatha’s primary concern is for its students. This year’s Annual Fund project focuses on student scholarships. God’s grace and direction is needed as the College seeks to raise $300,000 for institutional scholarships.

Please prayerfully consider how you might support these and other students. Contact the Development Office at 920-206-2325 or visit online at