Aspiring Teachers in Awe of Possibilities

Maranatha music students just returned from a one week, Music Education Observation Fieldtrip with Dr. Rick Townsend, Maranatha’s Music Education Program Coordinator. Read what they have to say about their experience:

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“This past week we had the privilege of observing master music teachers in public school elementary music classrooms. The teachers’ dynamic teaching skills made our Maranatha classes come to life. The students we observed demonstrated an incredibly high level of musicianship, understanding, and interaction with music. For example, young students were improvising their own music and distinguishing between tonalities, meters, and harmonic progressions. The teachers help their students attain this level of competence by having their students interact with music through enjoyable learning games and movement activities. As those of us on the fieldtrip reflected on our observations, we noted that many of us hadn’t achieved this level of aural understanding until Freshmen year in college. We are so enthused to see that the methods we are learning at Maranatha are so incredibly successful when skillfully applied sequenced. We observed so many wonderful ideas for classroom management, structure, and sequencing on this trip, and we can’t wait to student teach!”


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