Booming 2012 Music and Drama Camp Off to Great Start

With well over 200 campers, sponsors, and camp staff, Maranatha Music and Drama Camp has more participants than ever before, and we are so pleased that many Maranatha music alumni are in attendance either as camp staff and/or sponsors.This year we have campers in attendance from Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Utah, Iowa, and of course, the great state of Wisconsin. In addition to singing in the camp choir, campers can choose to participate in one of four tracks: Bands (4 different bands), Strings, Piano, and Vocal/Drama (Anne of Green Gables Musical). Electives such as music technology, chamber groups, percussion ensemble, handbells, theory classes, conducting, and more are additional course offerings available to string and piano campers. During the evenings, campers and staff participate in an evening service, and then enjoy fun activities and free time (open gym, board games, exercise equipment, food, hang-out time with friends, etc.). Check “The Musician” next week to read a full synopsis of 2012 Maranatha Music and Drama Camp including comments from participants!

  • Check out our “Maranatha Music and Drama” facebook page DAILY for pictures.
  • Come to our Music Concerts and Anne of Green Gables Performance on Friday! The Band Concert is at 11:00 in front of the Library (Old Main, Alumni Hall if the weather is inclement). The Strings and Piano Concert is at 2:00 in Dining Commons Room 102 (lower level). Anne of Green Gables is at 3:30 in the Main Gym. Camp Schedules