Congressman Sensenbrenner Visits Campus


U.S. Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, who represents Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District, visited the Maranatha campus March 8.

Sensenbrenner was accompanied by several members of the college administration as well as student body president Craig Lawson and College Conservatives, Maranatha Chapter president Adam Burton. Sensenbrenner was able to speak briefly with several students as well as with Dr. Mike Stoltenberg, a Board of Trustees member visiting campus.

Sensenbrenner was first elected in 1978 and is now ranks among the 10 top congressmen in length of service. His district includes Watertown and the Maranatha campus.

Much of the conversation centered on conservative topics such as a balancing the budget, reduction in spending, and religious freedoms. The implications of the “Sebelius Rule” and the application of the Affordable Health Care Act were key areas of discussion.

The Congressman and his aide, Brit Schiel, provided information that may aide the processing of student financial aid as well as potential internships in Sensenbrenner’s offices in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

Maranatha is working with Sensenbrenner to potentially schedule an appearance during a student body assembly in the fall of 2013.