On campus recruiters are generally given a display table in the lobby of the dining complex. If you are shipping materials to Maranatha, please indicate this to us on the recruiting request form, so we can have the material by your table when you arrive.

How do I recruit on campus or advertise my job opportunity to graduates?

When can I recruit on campus?

  • Outside recruiters are welcome throughout the year except during major conference times. Check college calendar.
  • Additional invitations to speak in classes or chapel are sometimes extended once the administration or faculty know the arrival and departure times of the recruiter.

What if I would like to invite students to a recruitment party?

If you indicate your desire to host a party, the reservation secretary will check the availability of DC 202 and send you a confirmation, reserving it for you from a half-hour prior to your indicated start time to a half-hour after your indicated end time to allow adequate time for set up and clean up.

How is my announcement communicated to students?

  • The complete announcement about your recruiters’ arrival to campus and your ministry or employment opportunities is posted on the recruiter Web page once approved.
  • An alert about your campus visit is placed in MyMaranatha (the school newspaper and homepage of the College intranet) about one business day before your arrival.
  • Recruiters will be verbally recognized in chapel on regular chapel days.
  • If you wish to gain a wider audience, post your announcement on Maranatha’s Career Services online or contact department chairs.


What should my announcement look like?

On the recruiter request form, you may submit a brief (two- to three-sentence) description of why you are recruiting, including pertinent details to heighten the interest of potential student contacts.

We appreciate your interest in our young people and look forward to helping you convey your ministry needs.  For further assistance, contact Tina Horneck in the President’s Office.

President’s Office
745 West Main Street