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The privately-funded scholarships listed below are awarded each spring to current Maranatha residential students who plan to return the next academic year. Some scholarships are available to all students with financial needs while others minister to the needs of students within a particular major or field of study. Eligibility for memorial scholarships may be based on criteria such as cumulative GPA, sophomore or junior class standing, major within a particular department if applicable, significant financial need, and demonstration of godly character.

See our full list of privately funded scholarships or use the table below to search your field of study or a specific scholarship name.

Aquilla and PriscillaEducation, GPA 2.75
Basso FamilyBible or Christian Education, Jr/Sr, GPA 2.5
Biblical Studies HonorBible, Jr/Sr, GPA 2.5
Business DepartmentBusiness, Jr/Sr, GPA 3.0
Cedarholm AlumniBible or Music Eduction, Alumni Child
Christina Hargrove MemorialNursing
Creative WritingNone
Elbert M. DeanMissions or Humanities: Cross-Cultural Studies, Jr/Sr, GPA 2.5
Ellis MemorialCareer in Church Ministry, Financial Need
Elmer F. Brown, Jr. Memorial MusicMusic, Jr/Sr, GPA 2.5
Farrington FamilyCareer with Youth or Senior Adults, Jr/Sr
Fine Arts MusicMusic
Helen Steinhaus MemorialJr/Sr, GPA 2.5
Hope Pfeiffer MemorialMusic, Career in Ministry, Female, Jr/Sr, GPA 2.25
Jonathan LeberMissions
Jude 22Nursing, GPA 3.0
Lee Jason Krueger MemorialEducation, Jr/Sr, Career in Christian School
Marilyn Hilsen Weniger MemorialNone
Mary Robinson MemorialMissions, Career in Foreign Missions
Psalm 78:4Education, Career in Christian School, Jr/Sr, GPA 3.0
Robert Hanneman MemorialScience, Jr/Sr
Russell Family MemorialSingle-Parent Home, Jr/Sr, GPA 3.0
Ruth E. V. Hey MemorialCareer in Sacred Music
Schlichting FamilyBusiness, So/Jr/Sr, GPA 2.75
Science MinistriesScience or Science Education
StoltenbergCareer in Preaching
UW Health PartnersNursing
William Packer, Jr. MemorialBible, Male