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Talbots Scholarship for Women

Women who earned a high school diploma or GED before September of 2002 are eligible for up to $30,000 through the Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award. The program “empowers women to enrich themselves through learning and achieve a college education later in life.” Application deadline is Jan. 3, 2012. For more information, read this document or visit this website.

Scholarship for Children of Health Care Workers

The Wisconsin chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association now offers two $2,000 scholarships to employees or children of employees working in Wisconsin healthcare institutions. Wisconsin healthcare is defined as a hospital, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, home health agency, or clinic. Applicants can be full- or part-time, but must have achieved Junior status (60 credits), be pursuing a degree in accounting, business, economics, public health, or public policy, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the semester immediately prior to application. See this website for full information and application.

Education Scholarships

The John Gyles Education Awards are available each year to students in both Canada and the United States. They are the result of a private, benevolent endeavor established in 1990. Full Canadian or American citizenship is a requirement. Awards are available to both male and female students for all areas of post secondary study. A minimum GPA of 2.7 is required. Criteria other than strictly academic ability and financial need are considered in the selection process. Selected students will receive up to $3000. Visit this website to apply online.

Fine Arts Scholarships

Free Music Scholarships, Grants, Competitions and Awards Resources here

Financial Aid Sites

www.heab.wi.govFinancial aid information/programs, administered by Wisconsin
studentaid.ed.govFederal Department of Education financial aid information your FAFSA electronically
www.fafsa.ed.govFederal government FAFSA information benefits for U.S. military veterans and members of the National Guard or Reserves.
dma.wi.govEducation benefits for Wisconsin veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves.
www.mygreatlakes.comGreat Lakes Higher Education Corporation

Scholarship Search Engines search engine that compares your profile with available scholarships and compiles those for which you may qualify.
www.fastweb.comA scholarship search engine matching your profile to scholarships for which you may qualify.
www.usafunds.orgA corporation that guarantees educational loans for U.S. students.
www.collegeanswer.comA resource for various scholarship and grant opportunities. site that matches your personal profile to appropriate scholarship opportunities. site offering information on college financial considerations as well as scholarship resources.
www.internationalscholarships.comAn extensive array of international college funding opportunities.