Fine Arts

Honoring Christ with your talents

Walk the halls of Old Main at almost any time of the day and you are certain to hear the diligent practice of a pianist, vocalist, or group of actors. They are working hard, enjoying every minute, and doing their best to craft a performance that honors God.

Nearly half of all Maranatha students participate in the fine arts. They represent a heritage for which this institution has been known. Quality, craftsmanship, and conservatism in the fine arts are the tradition at Maranatha.

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Opportunities to enjoy and participate in the fine arts are all around those who attend or visit Maranatha. You will want to set aside time to view one of our dramatic productions, or sample a recital or concert. Many options are also available for students or potential students who want to participate in fine arts groups. Look over our music options, view a great step-by-step guide to becoming a Maranatha music student, or learn more about one of our performing groups.

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