Be a part of the Fine Arts Club! Maranatha’s Fine Arts program (Department of Music and Department of Humanities) is grateful for the support of friends and has a wide variety of opportunities for those interested in supporting the arts by donating through Maranatha’s Development Office. All gifts are tax deductible, and official gift receipts will be sent. Maranatha’s Fine Arts Club gives recognition of special donations to the department on publicly-viewed donation plaques and dramatic production literature.

Giving opportunities:

  • Establish a music scholarship in memory of a family or friend. Choose requirements for the scholarship, and have the scholarship named in memory of your family or friend.
  • Give a one-time donation or sign up to donate regularly to the Fine Arts Club. The Fine Arts Club allows the music and drama departments to purchase needed items ranging from $1,000-$3,000 that cannot be afforded in the fiscal budget.
  • Support hardworking, dedicated community students wishing to take lessons through Maranatha Music Prep School, but who come from families experiencing financial hardship during this time of economic hardship in the States.
  • Support the performing arts by giving to the Music and Drama Camp fund so we can keep the cost of camp affordable for campers.
  • Sponsor the purchase of special equipment or remodeling projects.

Examples of recent donations:

  • In memory of their parents, an alumnus family donated $6,250 for the purchase of a new Boston upright. A recognition/memorial plate has been permanently placed on the piano.
  • A friend of the university donated all of the wood and panels for the remodeling of Burkhart Hall.
  • A faculty member’s mom established a significant music scholarship in memory of her husband.
  • A former faculty member donated his music library worth thousands of dollars to Maranatha.
  • A retiring teacher in WI donated a large portion of her music library to Maranatha.