Prep Scholarships

What is the Music Prep Scholarship?

The “Music Prep Scholarship” is a community scholarship program sponsored by Maranatha Music Prep School. We are committed in our efforts to help students who have chosen music as their art and dedication to excellence as their path.

What is the mission of Maranatha Music Prep School?

As a non-profit organization, Maranatha Music Prep School’s primary purposes include the following:

  • To provide high-quality private and group music lessons, numerous performance venues, and a variety of music education opportunities for the Watertown community area.
  • To provide Maranatha university pedagogy students with a valuable teaching experience.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, Maranatha will send you a letter and receipt acknowledging your gift. A “total giving report” will be sent at the end of the calendar year.

Why is my support so critical?

On average, Maranatha Music Prep School Instructors donate more than 100 hours of scholarship lessons. However, several students in Watertown still remain in desperate need of financial assistance. Your generosity makes it possible for us to more effectively serve our community. Thanks to your support, Maranatha Music Prep School is able to provide scholarships for needy, well-deserving families. Because of your financial contributions, we are growing and will continue to grow and make these opportunities available to young musicians for years to come.

How will I know that the scholarship funds are granted to deserving students?

Students must fill out an extensive application to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships recipients are chosen by Maranatha Music Prep School Faculty based upon the following:

  • Financial need as expressed in the scholarship application.
  • An obvious motivation on the part of the student.
  • A clear commitment on the part of the parent(s).

To ensure committment from the recipients:

  • Only partial scholarships are given to ensure commitment from the families.
  • Scholarship recipients must sign a contractual agreement.
  • Students failing to adhere to the scholarship requirements will not be eligible for future scholarship funds.

How do I know Maranatha Music Prep School offers a quality music program?

  • Maranatha Music Prep School has highly-qualified, dedicated faculty instructors who have earned advanced degrees in Music/Music Education. Intern instructors are music majors and minors committed to inspiring students to be life-long musicians.
  • Students successfully prepare for recitals and a variety of competitions and examinations including the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival, the National Piano Guild Auditions, and the National Music Certificate Program. Prep School students consistently receive outstanding examination ratings, and frequently win state and national competitions. Examiners frequently comment on the students’ well-preparedness, musical sensitivity, fluent technique, attention to musical details, and awareness of performance practices.
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To give, contact John Davis at, or give online.