Special Donations

Sponsor Maranatha’s music and drama programs by donating funds for new equipment, remodeling projects, or a new music building/auditorium. Some choose to give a special donation in memory of a loved one or friend and have permanent recognition/memorial plaques placed on or near the donation.

Specific needs:

  • Grand pianos
  • Damp chaser systems for pianos
  • Replacement of Yamaha clavinovas in the piano lab
  • Remodeling third floor practice rooms
  • A music building/auditorium

Examples of recent donations:

  • In memory of their parents, an alumnus family donated $6,250 for the purchase of a new Boston upright. A recognition/memorial plate has been permanently placed on the piano.
  • A friend of the college donated all of the wood and panels for the remodeling of Burkhart Hall.
  • A retiring teacher in WI donated a large portion of her music library to Maranatha.

To make a donation, contact Steve Board at steven.board@mbu.edu or give online.