Maranatha offers wonderful music opportunities for ALL students, regardless of their major! Participation in music provides some of the most meaningful friendships, experiences, and ministries of college life. To learn more about music options at Maranatha, click here.

Music auditions are required for most of the music opportunities. Below is information about the various auditions held during Jumpstart Weekend in August.

Music Group Auditions

Auditions for band, choir, and orchestra are open to the entire student body.

Signing up:

  • If you are auditioning, email the name of specific group(s).
  • Assigned audition times will be emailed to you.


  • Choir – Old Main 214
  • Orchestra – Century House 151
  • Symphonic Band – Burckart Hall


  • Sing Be Thou My Vision
  • Match pitches
  • Sight-read your part (SATB) of a hymn.

Symphonic Band (Symphonic Band is open to all instrumentalists, however, auditions are required to determine chair placement.)

  • Bring a list of repertoire performed/studied
  • Perform a prepared solo
  • Sight-read
  • Play major/minor scales

Orchestra (Symphonic Orchestra is open to all string players, however, auditions are necessary to determine chair placement.Wind and percussion instrument positions are open by invitation only.)

  • Bring a list of repertoire performed/studied
  • Perform a prepared solo
  • Sight-read

Please complete the audition forms below before arriving for your audition. If you misplace your audition form, please stop by the Music Table in the DC between 8-noon on Jumpstart Friday.


Music Group Outfit Costs

Students who participate in Band, Choirs, and/or Orchestra are REQUIRED to purchase performance attire.

Fittings and Alterations Procedures

  • Everyone will have to be fitted! Fittings take approximately 20 minutes.
  • The Outfits Coordinator, Mrs. Kelley Maxfield, will contact you (by phone, email, or text) to schedule a fitting, at which point you will have 24 hours to respond. If you fail to respond within this time frame, you may receive demerits. Go to the Maranatha Costume Cottage, 722 Lafayette St – the yellow house located on the very southeastern corner of the campus.

Using an outfit from a former choir member

  • DO NOT PAY for a used outfit until you have cleared with Mrs. Maxfield and Mrs. Trainer.
  • If you think you have found a used outfit, you MUST contact Mrs. Maxfield by Friday, September 5, or she will order you a new outfit, and you will be responsible to pay for it. Mrs. Maxfield can be reached at or 920-261-3891.
  • Make an appointment to have the outfit checked. Take the outfit to Costume Cottage and try it on. Mrs. Maxfield will make sure it fits properly, will measure for any required alterations, and will determine if it is in good performance condition. At that time you will be given a receipt to take to Mrs. Trainer in the Music Office, OM 305. Once Mrs. Trainer receives the receipt, you will be taken off the list of those needing to purchase a new outfit. Mrs. Maxfield will contact you when the outfit is ready for pick up. Note: Alterations of music group outfits are free of charge.

Payment Instructions

  • Outfit expenses are not applied to your school bill; they are out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Payments are to be made through Maranatha’s online system, CashNet.
  • Log on to My Maranatha and click on Finances, then click on Go to CashNet.  From there, just follow the payment instructions. CashNet accepts VISA, Master Card, and Discover. You may also pay via electronic check. CashNet will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete your transaction.
  • Upon completion of the payment process, you will be sent an email receipt. Print this out and present it at time of outfit pick-up.
  • At least half of the payment is due by Monday, September 8, with the balance due by Monday, September 22. NOTE: Polo shirts do not have to be paid at this time. See below for polo shirt information.

Outfit Pick Up

  • You will be contacted when your outfit is ready for pick up.
  • You may not pick up your outfit until you have paid in full.
  • You MUST present your purchase receipt at time of pick up.

Polo Shirts

Those in touring groups will need to purchase a polo shirt. These are to be worn with khaki pants (guys) and khaki skirts (ladies) for school chapels. Polo shirt payment is due during the following time frame:

  • October 15: Symphonic Band
  • January 15: Madrigal Choir
  • February 15: Chamber Singers

NOTE: If you are borrowing/purchasing a used shirt, you MUST have Mrs. Maxfield check it before you are released from purchasing a new one. It must fit properly and be in good condition. If Mrs. Maxfield approves the shirt, she will give you a receipt to take to Mrs. Trainer. Once she receives the receipt, you will be taken off the list of those needing to purchase a new shirt.

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 Note: Prices are subject to change, without advanced warning, based upon the status of the vendor.

Info for Music Majors and Minors

Please be sure you carefully read through the Prospective Music Student section on the website.

  • The Online Music Theory Placement Test is required for ALL music majors, minors, and concentrations.
  • The score on this test determines whether students need to take Music Theory Fundamentals their first semester, wait until second semester for Harmony I, or advance to Harmony II their first semester. Students will be enrolled in Music Theory Fundamentals by default.
  • To prepare, study Tonal Harmony 6th Ed., Chapters 1-8 by Kostka and Payne.
  • Students needing to take this exam will need to email to be given access to the test.
  • The test can be taken between July 1 and the first day of Jumpstart. Please take the test as soon as possible.
Music majors and minors  must complete an entrance audition. Maranatha’s entrance audition is completed by submitting a Performance Assessment Packet.
The Music Aptitude Test is a listening-based diagnostic test to determine the student’s aural, tonal, and rhythmic aptitude. The test will be taken during Freshmen Music Seminar.

Private Lesson Info

  • All students are encouraged to take lessons regardless of their current ability. Private lessons are available on all levels on clarinet, flute, guitar, piano, trumpet, low brass, voice, and strings.
  • Register for lessons in the same manner you register for courses. You can double-check that you are registered for private lessons by checking your course schedule.  Please see the Registrar’s Office if lessons are not listed on your course schedule.
  • Complete the Music Lesson Information Form ASAP.  This form helps us assign you to the teacher who can best help you.
  • Additional fees for one-on-one instruction and practice room usage are assessed to students taking private lessons. For information on lesson fees, please see fees on My Maranatha and the Music Department Handbook section on Private Lessons. If you still have questions, please contact the Music Office at
  • While there is a fee for private lessons, group lesson classes such as FIPI 1001 Beginning Piano Class, FISM 113 and 223 Hymnplaying Courses, FIMK 101-104 Keyboard Skills, and FIVO 135 Intro to Vocal Studies are included in students’ flat tuition rate without additional one-on-one instruction fees.