Enthusiastic Students

Music Degree students are grateful they chose Maranatha!

  • “Maranatha offers regionally-accredited music programs committed to excellence. For the past two years, the graduating seniors have scored in the 95th percentile on the standardized national music test.”  –Jessica Larson
  • “At Maranatha, music faculty take students where they are at and push them hard to reach their full potential.” –Melody Steinbart
  • “Maranatha’s music faculty strongly encourages the music students to use their talents to minister in local churches on the weekends.” –Sarah Delaney Stevens
  • “The musicians at Maranatha become close friends who challenge one another to excel musically and grow spiritually. Because the closely-knit Maranatha music community gets to know each other so well, we have an incredible amount of fun together too!! –Sarah Pill Herbert
  • “Maranatha music courses are taught from a Biblical worldview.” –Annelies Harmon
  • “Maranatha’s music faculty are personable, and they genuinely care about each student’s musical and spiritual development.” –Joy Parker
  • “Maranatha’s music department is small enough so that all of the musicians can be involved, yet big enough so that there's lots of music groups and events to be involved in!!” –Rachael Vancina
  • “Maranatha’s music faculty model a spirit of humility and emphasize a high standard of excellence by stressing that all needs to be done to the glory of God.” —Melissa Aurand Haese