Free Instrumental Download by Peters

Billy Peters composed and arranged a clever woodwind trio, The Kibbutz, for an assignment in Instrumental Arranging taught by Dr. David Brown. Billy has graciously agreed to provide the instrumental parts of his junior high-level composition free of charge.

Billy admits he does not exactly have fond memories of the numerous squeaks and squawks coming from his junior high band’s woodwind section. However, he contemplated what type of piece he would want to play if he were a clarinetist in junior high. Knowing that middle school students need something memorable and fun, he started thinking that perhaps a piece with a bit of eastern flare would do the trick. Billy traveled with Maranatha’s football team to Israel, and this trip is what inspired his tune as he recalled the joyous Bar Mitzvah music he heard while visiting the Western Wall (Wailing Wall). He also remembered the young Jewish children happily running around the Kibbutz. A Kibbutz is a small Jewish community, and Maranatha’s football team stayed at a Kibbutz for almost a week while they were touring Israel. When discussing his composition, Billy said, “I needed a slow section where the large man would slowly sing (like on “If I Were a Rich Man” from “Fiddler on the Roof”), and I also needed a part that captured the idea of the clapping and foot-stomping. I admit, this piece almost makes me want to learn a woodwind instrument. Ok, maybe not.”

Download the Composition:

Listen to Billy’s Composition: