The Heritage Project

Old Main reflects the respect we have for our heritage and the value we place on God’s provision. Combined with Century House, Old Main is the first facility Dr. Cedarholm would have visited on campus and has, since 1968, served the Maranatha family very well. Every student who has attended Maranatha has taken at least one class in the building, and many recitals, performances, and meetings have occurred within these walls.

In preparation for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, there are four phases of the Heritage Project that need to be completed:

  • PHASE 1: The “Necessary Project” involves construction of two handicap-accessible restrooms on first floor of Old Main. This $25,000 project has been funded by the Alumni Association [PROJECT COMPLETED SUMMER 2014]. 
  • PHASE 2: The "Grand Re-entry" involves reconstruction of the East Entrance to Old Main. This is the formal entrance to campus and is also the location of the Cedarholms’ gravesites. We propose to enhance this approach to the building with a new stair entrance from the parking lot, new landscaping, replacement of the Academy windows on the east wall, and upgrades to the front porch as required. This project’s estimated cost is $100,000 [PROJECT UNDERWAY SUMMER 2015]. 
  • PHASE 3: "Project HVAC" involves replacing of the HVAC system utilized for the Academic Offices and the Main Conference Room. This project’s estimated cost is $20,000 [PROJECT COMPLETED SUMMER 2015]. 
  • PHASE 4: The "Old Main Refresh" involves renovation of the first floor corridors of Old Main. This $155,000 project will include enhancements like a new entry system into the first floor of Old Main, new ceilings and lights, new wall surfaces, and new flooring [PROJECT UNDERWAY SUMMER 2015]. 

Overall, the improvements to Old Main will total $300,000. As of July 1, 2015 we have raised $150,000. We are seeking to raise the balance of $150,000.

Our prayer is to be able to complete the renovations of Old Main during the summer of 2015. Your gift for this project will help this grand building continue to support the mission of Maranatha Baptist University to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory.”