The Hiding Place Soundtrack Available (Stage Play)

The Hiding Place“The Hiding Place” Soundtrack:

In April of 2013, an article on the Maranatha Musician was published about the composition of “The Hiding Place” soundtrack. As of May 2014, the soundtrack has been released to the public and is available on sites such as iTunesSpotify and Rhapsody.

Andrea Ly was asked to compose the music for Maranatha’s “The Hiding Place” production directed by Mr. Jeff Miller. Dr. David Ledgerwood, chair of Maranatha’s Music Department, frequently assisted Andrea by offering constructive feedback as she composed the soundtrack portraying the mood and feeling of the Holocaust era. Andrea describes this experience by saying, “the composition process for this project was definitely a learning experience. I really had to research to figure out exactly how to portray a certain emotion. The constant question in my mind was whether I really felt that emotion when I heard the piece.” Andrea thanks the Lord for the opportunity to produce this recording and hopes it is a blessing to many.

Update on Andrea since graduation:

Andrea writes: “Since graduating, the Lord has drastically changed the direction of my life. After graduation, I was heading toward graduate school in music arranging. Although the door was never closed, the Lord had other plans. While at Maranatha, people would ask if I would ever consider getting into the education world, especially in music. My answer was, “Not at all!” However, the Lord provided an opportunity to be involved in a church and Christian school in Macon, GA. I also started teaching piano students and have discovered that I absolutely love teaching piano! As a result of my experience in Georgia, the Lord gave me a burden for teens. I know this was all a part of God’s great plan as He has now placed Klinton, my fiancé, and me at First Baptist Church in Rochelle, IL to work with the youth.”