High Ratings for Piano Prep Students

One of the many benefits of Maranatha’s Piano Pedagogy Major involves teaching in Maranatha Piano Prep School.  Maranatha pedagogy students are paid to teach private lessons, ensembles, theory classes, and early childhood classes in the prep school for three years before graduating. During these three years, the teachers also learn how to prepare their students for various festivals and contests including the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival, the National Piano Guild, The Achievement Program, the Wisconsin School Music Association Festival, and the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Competition. While the majority of prep school students participate in the National Piano Guild hosted by Maranatha in April, we do have students participate in many other events.

Maranatha’s piano faculty believe that learning how to successfully prepare students for competitions and festivals is an important aspect of our pedagogy program, and we are grateful for the consistently good results in a wide variety of contests and festivals.  Read why we have our students participate in evaluation programs by clicking on the “why participate in evaluation programs” tab.

So far this year, students have participated in the Baroque Music Festival, the Maranatha High School Piano Competition, the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Festival, the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Competition, and Wisconsin School of Music Association. Recent results are as follows. In the 2012 Federation Festival, Maranatha Piano Prep School students Mason Wehking earned his 30 point cup for piano solo, Jared Wehking earned his 30 point gold cups for theory testing and piano solo, and Caleb Mundt earned his 15 point gold cups for theory testing and piano solo. Students earn points for their ratings (superior = 5 points, excellent = 4 points etc.). In addition to the gold cup winners, several additional piano prep students also earned superior ratings in piano solo and the theory test.

Last week, Maranatha Piano Prep School students successfully competed at the Wisconsin Association of Christian School Fine Arts Competition.  The results are as follows: • 1st Place Classical Piano Duet Winners: Rebecca Meylor and Elizabeth Hudson • 1st Place Sacred Piano Duet Winners: Danae Bumgardaner and Bryce Thompson • 1st Place Sacred Piano Solo Winner: Rebecca Meylor • 1st Place Music Theory Test Winner: Elizabeth Hudson These first place winners will be competing Nationals in Greenville, South Carolina in April.

Two piano prep students participated in the Wisconsin Solo and Ensemble Festival. Participants Hannah Brill and Lauren Boritzke both received a first place rating in the piano solo category, and Hannah Brill was chosen to compete at Regionals in April.

Congrats to the students and teachers. Stay posted for additional results.

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